Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Sweet Song of Thanks

When EJ was in Pre-K last year she learned a new prayer to say before they ate lunch. It became our favorite, and I absolutely tear up now when both my kids sing it before we eat. It's the sweetest thing to have my children sing a prayer of thanks to God, in harmony no less...

First we all sit down at the table, and hold hands. Geoff and I both grew up with families that made supper an important family gathering, and we want to have this special time with our children too.

Next comes the prayer before we eat... I am afraid this will be lost a little in translation, but I am going to try to write how it sounds... Cub is great at communicating, but his "baby talk" is still prevalent, and simply adorable.

Add in their southern twang, and with EJ's lead they begin...

(Feel free to sing along, it's to the tune of the lullaby, "Frere Jacques"...)

"Tanks you Fadder, Tanks you Fadder, for our fud, for our fud."
(Thank you Father, Thank you Father, For our Food, For our Food")
"Man e man e bessings, Man e Man e bessings, Ah ah men, Ah ah men"
(Many many blessings, many many blessings, Amen, Amen")

Oh goodness, it pulls at my heartstrings every time...

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wfbdoglover said...

That's sweet!

We always say God is good, God is great, let us thank him for our food - AMEN.

We don't say it as often as we should, as we don't eat that often together as a family - due to our very busy and conflicting schedules. So tonight, when that effort is made and we are eating about 8:30/8:45 tonight - we will say our prayer. Thank you for reminding.

Kelsey said...

That is so sweet!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

I just love your big sunflower header. Makes me smile. That is sooo cute...what your chilren say. Very sweet. Good habits start early. cherry

Reynie said...

Those little stinkers are the cutest!

SarahHub said...

Oh, so sweet!

We usually say Come Lord Jesus, but sometimes we sing the Johnny Appleseed prayer.

Do you know it?

Oh, the Lord is good to me.
And so I thank the Lord,
For giving me
The things I need,
The sun and the rain and the appleseed.
The Lord is good to me.