Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Sweetest Things in Life are Made of This

The kids have taken to sleeping together. At first it was only in Cub's room when he got his Big Boy bed. Now it is either room, and I took this sweet picture of them one night while they were fast asleep in Elizabeth's bed.

Cub will probably get me one day for showing him sleeping so peacefully in such a princess pink bed, but I love this picture.

To me it shows just why I adore this "job" we call motherhood.

Amidst all the extra busy days, trips to see the pediatrician, fussing between each other and pushed deadlines my babies look so peaceful here. When the "lights are out" for the night (or in EJ's case, the "big" light is out and the nightlights are on!) all is calm, quiet and they look like angels. I could go in there and watch them all night.

I am trying to remember that they will grow up way too quickly, and that other things can wait. I tend sometimes to over-commit myself, and I am giving it up! When my current obligations are done, I have decided that I do not want to add anything else for awhile... I want to make sure I do not let the rush of everyday life take away from enjoying the little things with my children.

Sweet times, just like this picture...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hey Yall! Anybody Still Out There?!

Tap... tap...
Is anyone still out there?
I don't expect many to be checking in with me anymore... I have been away from this blog for almost two months now. Geez! I do hope if you are here, and reading this post, that I will be much better from here on out about updating.

It would be on the top of my New Year Resolution list, if I made one.

But I don't.... because I always feel bad when I can't stick to them, and I always tend to try to do too much anyhow, and burn out. So I don't create more pressure for myself. I've got enough to go around!

So, see? No resolutions, no problem!

Still, I do make plans, and I plan on being a much more faithful blogger in 2009, much like I was in the summer. You see, I really look forward to reading all these spirited adventures and sweet remembrances of my children as they go headfirst through childhood. One day when they have grown up and I will then have time to read again (!), I want to go back through this blog. So, I need to make sure I have written it all down. I may not remember much by the time we get that far!

In the past couple of months lots of cute and funny things have occurred that I already wish I'd written about here... but even the past couple of months are now a bit of a blur. Both EJ and Cub were sick a lot with too many bouts of the stomach bug for me to remember (nor do I even want to!) and poor EJ had it on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Bronchitis, strep throat and all those type things kept visiting our house with one child or another...

Besides all the sickness in December, holiday parties, shopping trips, plays, cooking and eating my parents both decided to take a little fall. Separately, but fall they did. Momma broke her wrist in 3 places, and had surgery right before the new year arrived. Diddy fell on Christmas morning and we all thought he had broken his back... but xrays showed no broken bones, for which we are all relieved. My parents are both 65 years young, so the falls were not from frailty but happenstance. Still, God is good, and the falls really could have been so much worse. We are blessed.

2009 is gonna be a good one... I hope yall are off to a great start (those who may be reading this?) and that I will be back here to share as much of it as I can with friends and family.

Here's to new beginnings!

PS... for those who may read my Sis in Law's blog,
God Do You Hear this Southern Girl Rambling?, I have been given the okay to tell a sweet secret - a baby is coming this summer! Congrats to my brother BB and Reynie... we love you!