Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Sweetest Things in Life are Made of This

The kids have taken to sleeping together. At first it was only in Cub's room when he got his Big Boy bed. Now it is either room, and I took this sweet picture of them one night while they were fast asleep in Elizabeth's bed.

Cub will probably get me one day for showing him sleeping so peacefully in such a princess pink bed, but I love this picture.

To me it shows just why I adore this "job" we call motherhood.

Amidst all the extra busy days, trips to see the pediatrician, fussing between each other and pushed deadlines my babies look so peaceful here. When the "lights are out" for the night (or in EJ's case, the "big" light is out and the nightlights are on!) all is calm, quiet and they look like angels. I could go in there and watch them all night.

I am trying to remember that they will grow up way too quickly, and that other things can wait. I tend sometimes to over-commit myself, and I am giving it up! When my current obligations are done, I have decided that I do not want to add anything else for awhile... I want to make sure I do not let the rush of everyday life take away from enjoying the little things with my children.

Sweet times, just like this picture...


Tina Leigh said...

I think this is the hardest thing to get thru to some women. They think they have to be Superwoman...Best wife, super-mom who is able to jump buildings & get the kids to every known function around, bake cookies, teach Sunday school & Blah Blah is rushing by....& then one day you stop...when your kids are moving out & you say..."Self...where did time go?!"!

You are a smart woman. I missed stuff with my boys but I AINT MISSING NOTHING with my little grandbaby...if I can help it!! You go smart girl!!

Reynie said...

They are both so sweet and peaceful in that picture. BB told me last night how they were both wearing your Mom's "Snuggies" when he was up there.

You don't have to do it all! Be a mom while you can!

wfbdoglover said...

thats so sweet! I miss those pictures!

Prasti said...

what a sweet picture of them both.

and you're absolutely right...they do grow up too quickly. enjoy this part of life with them as much as you can!

Angie said...

Enjoy every single minute, Angela! It does go by so fast. It is so hard for me to believe that my baby will be 13 this did that happen??

This is the most precious picture I have seen in a long time!!! So sweet!