Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Our sweet little girl... I blinked and she was five.
She's growing up so fast!
I want to remember moments like this forever...

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Tag, You're It!

I have been tagged a few times for this meme, and so here are 6 Wierd Things About Me...
Please do not hold them against me, as it was way to easy to come up with six!

1.) I do not eat meat, yet I grew up in the country, on a "farm" and all the men in our family hunt... I quit eating red meat/pork while in high school, have never really eaten fish (now that IS a long story for another post!), and I stopped eating chicken and any other meat my freshman (sophomore?) year of college. Period. I don't even like chicken broth, or anything flavored/smoked. Icky! But I do not eat tofu either... never have!

2.) I am part of the eighth generation to live in this county where Small Town, GA. is located, and the third generation to live on the same property. But I have also lived in Boston, Colorado, New Jersey, Florida, Costa Rica, and Whitehorse, Canada... in the Yukon Territory - all as a flight attendant for charters or Delta.

3.) I love the show LOST... I do not ever miss an episode, and I will not answer the phone when the show is on. If I did, I might miss something really important, yall... I'm not being rude, I promise! And, yes, I also tivo all the shows and will go back over them later... and, all that to say is I am still lost!

4.) I like my Diet Coke cold, and over ice... so much better that way. Even better if the ice is soft and easy to crunch! When I was pregnant with my children that is what I craved the most.

5.) I don't like it, but I am a sap. I am sentimental, and "cry" at little things... it drives me crazy! I can watch a hallmark commercial and tear up. Oh, and along with this I am soft-hearted, especially for children and animals... very, very much so! Just ask my husband!

6.) Right out of college I went west and worked on a ranch up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado... I didn't have a TV, and seldom listened to the radio. If I had not missed my family and friends so much at home, I would have made my home there. Have you ever heard the wind as it blows through Aspen trees? It's awesome!

Now, I'd like to mention the great pals that tagged me for this fun meme... first was my Sis in Law, Reynie at God, Do You Hear This Southern Girl Rambling?, and then a new, yet familiar friend from The Hinesley House, and last but not least another new pal from The Mommy Rambles.

Here are the rules:
1.) Post the rules on your blog...
2.) Write 6 random things about yourself...
3.) Tag 6 people...
4.) Please pass it along for fun!

Okay, so I tag...

1. Walk on the Sunny Side of the Street
2. Baseballs and Bows
3. Zip and Tizzy
4. Here to There
5. A Mothers Place (Come on Ang! It's fun...)
6. YOU!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Cotton Candy, Ice Cream and Funnel Cakes

Last night we went to the County Fair... Geoff, Elizabeth, Cub, Momma and myself. It was a lot of fun, and we all enjoyed the cotton candy, bucket 'o fries, ice cream and rides. The kids picked up ducks to "win" a prize, and fished for sharks to win yet another prize.

Oh yeah, and at one game we gambled with quarters, putting them on our favorite colored circles, then a mouse decided if we won or not... he was a cute mouse, but we lost.

We came home with two plastic swords, two princess crowns, a "pow pow" gun and a sheet of princess stickers, but it was the fun they had in winning them that counted. The grins on their faces and sweet laughter was worth a million bucks (probably what we all forked out throughout the evening!)... the fair was a huge success.

The kids favorite ride of the whole fair was the High Jump... Elizabeth said she "felt like Tinkerbelle" she flew so high into the sky, and Cub declared he was "going REAL high like Spiderman"...

In fact, there were so many great pictures that I couldn't choose between many of them... I had to, or this post would have been way too long, so here are the ones that made the cut! Geoff took many of these with a cool setting on the camera...

Have a great weekend, yall - we are going to a family reunion at the lake!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

In Target, You Must Obey

This afternoon I picked up Cub from his preschool class as usual. We have about an hour and a half until Elizabeth gets out of school, so I ran an errand for Momma.

First, let me set the scene a little bit... I dread taking the kids with me in Target, WalMart or anywhere with a toy section. Just the thought of new toys in the vicinity gets them all worked up, and then the pleading proceeds.

"Can I go see the toys?"

This begins as I park the car...

Today I wrangled my growing three year old boy into one of the buggies, and tried to ignore the ever growing chant of "Mommy, please may I go to toys?" At least he was polite as he got increasingly louder with his begging.

I knew it would be a mistake, but we had some time to kill, so I indulged him in a trip to the toy section... with the understanding that he was not getting a toy today.

"Okay, Mommy... I look with my eyes, not my hands!" he says, already spotting the "boy" isle. Even better, I think, as I giggled to myself that he can repeat what I often say in stores with fragile items, like antique malls.

Of course he wants out of the buggy, and immediately begins mashing every button on every toy he can find... his favorite thing was the Incredible Hulk hands that you use to punch folks with. We will not be buying those, ever... it's got "trouble" written all over them, as he'd try to fight with Sissy, who would not enjoy it in the least.

As he went into toy overload, I ask him about his day at school. Usually I don't get too much of a response, except to tell me all about his snack, or the fun he had on the playground.

Today, he says " We must obey."

Wow! I perk up and ask, "That's right, Cub. Where did you learn that?"

"My teacher says we should obey God, and our Mommy, and Daddy."

"That's great son... did she read you a Bible verse about that?" I ask, very pleased he is learning about God at school, and remembering some of the Bible verses.

"Yes... but I think I am not going to obey today. I looked with my hands and I want that "Credible Huk man".

Oh well, at least he was listening, and he sure was cute as I put him back in that buggy, without the Incedible Hulk man, and went to the front of the store. To his credit he didn't pitch a huge fit, but crossed his little arms and stuck his lips way out.

I did get him a little pack of gum at the register for his restraint in throwing that huge fit brewing inside of him...

In Target, we must obey...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Guess I Must Be an Addict...

Ahhh! Our internet is again up and running... I understand the modem was not working properly, and so if we got any internet access at all, it was S-L-O-W and very unreliable. And, mind you, we have a satellite, so it's not usually all that fast to begin with.

I can deal with that as I realize we live in a small place... if we really wanted cable it would cost a lot of $$$ ($12, 244.00) just to get it to the house.

Yikes! No thank you.

I learned through this ordeal that I have come to depend on the internet... not in a "I am tied to it all day long" kinda way (as if that is even possible with two children wanting/needing attention), but since beginning this blog I have enjoyed having a place to put my thoughts, and share what the kids are up to. Not being able to communicate through this outlet was surprisingly more than a bit frustrating, and I am glad to have it back again.

Thanks for all the well wishes on our anniversary last weekend... Geoff and I went to the mountains while my parents kept the kids. This is where we went on our honeymoon, to his Aunt's cabin, and this is a place he has grown up going. All the pictures on this post are from our trip, and the pumpkin patch we take Elizabeth and Cub to every year. We discovered it during our honeymoon, and have returned every October for family pictures. That fun trip is in a few short weeks!

We scouted out some of these big pumpkins for our yard this year. Now, if they are still around when we return it will be a miracle!

Last week I also joined Facebook, after a lot of nudging from some of my friends and family... now I can't believe it took me so long! Talk about something addicting... I highly reccommend it for getting back in touch with friends from high school and college. My ADPi sorority sisters and I have enjoyed it so much we are getting a reunion together ... we had a close group of girls and seeing what everyone is up to now is wonderful. Not having a reliable way to check that was frustrating too, especially as I had just signed up...

My Momma got a new car last week as well - a 2008 King Ranch Ford Expedition. The kids are so excited that they want Momma to drive them everywhere... I'm gonna milk this for all it's worth! Not that she minds anyway, she would go to the moon for them, but it's kinda nice to not be running them around to everything.

In all my rambling I forgot to say thank you to my husband for the previous post... he made up the sign and "hijacked" this blog (with my blessings!) to post of our internet troubles... maybe I'll make a blogger of him yet?!

I look forward to catching up with everyone!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pardon the Interruption.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to my wonderful world of internet difficulties... We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please know that the experts at Sunflower Hill are working diligently to rectify the problem.

Ya'll have a great day (week, depending on HughesNet!).

Friday, September 19, 2008

Our 6th Anniversary

Wow... it's been 6 years this Sunday that Geoff and I finally tied the knot!

We have actually known each other, well, forever really... and as most know by now, he was my high school sweetheart. We started "going together"when we were 13 years old! We also dated some in college, and then a little after as well... there for awhile our paths took us in much different directions, but 2001 was a turning point in our lives. A year later, on September 21, 2002, we said "I do" in front of our family and friends in his childhood church, and the name I practiced writing on all my high school notebooks, yearbooks and letters was actually mine!

We both cried as we said our vows, and I have never been so sure of making the right decision in my entire life.

Happy 6th Anniversary Hon... I love you!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

If you don't know this one by heart, go check it out... it's a beautiful message that could really change your life!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Cub's Glass of Fun

On Saturday night Geoff and I went to a Trisha Yearwood concert with our great friends, the Curtis's... it was a lot of fun, and we really enjoyed the evening.

When we packed our cooler for the concert, Geoff tried a new experiment... he got a huge hunk of dry ice to put in the bottom of the cooler to help keep the ice we put on top of it from melting. This particular cooler is a backpack type, and when the ice melts it tends to get messy for whoever carries it.

For the record, he liked the dry ice idea... it worked great, and our beer was ice cold, just perfect!

But, the real fun came yesterday afternoon. When Cub got up from his nap, Geoff got a glass of water and put a little of the dry ice in there. When it first bubbled up and the smoke began, Cub was a bit scared ... but after he saw Daddy blowing on it and making it look so cool, he wanted to try!

He had a great time with that glass of water and dry ice!

Okay, yes I know... dry ice is dangerous, and is not a "toy"... he was monitored at all times while holding the glass, and was told twenty million bajillion times by Mommy and Daddy not to touch the ice or the water.

(But he was such a good boy, and absolutely loved the smoke effect!)

Please, don't let your kids try it alone...

There, I feel better!

Thank You Miss Bonnie!

Yesterday was a difficult day for many of us at church... it was Miss Bonnie's last day, and as she was our long time Nursery Leader, we are going to miss her very much!

She has loved on our infants and toddlers for many years. She was with us as our babies began to crawl, cruise, walk and talk...she also helped them transition from her class to the "big boys and girls" Children's Church. Elizabeth was in her room for a couple of years, and Cub has been in her care since his birth.

To show her our great appreciation, the kids in nursery made a handprint garden to give her, and gave her flowers. Then, all the children who have ever been in her class, plus the current children, sang "Jesus Loves Me" in front of the congregation.

Well, they attempted to in any case... but most stood with wide eyes, looking at all the people, or decided to try and climb on the pulpit...

Still, they were cute anyway!

Thank you so much Bonnie - we love you very much, and wish you well!
Bonnie is the wonderful lady on the left, with the black shirt...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Where Did the Week Go?

It seems like it was just Friday, but yet here it is again... it was a busy week, but looking back all I remember was all the car swapping and "umpteen" trips to town and the "car doctor", as our kids call the shop. My Jeep suddenly decided it needed lots of attention. I guess it thought the best option would be to quit cooling us humans off with air conditioner (which is not so funny in Georgia... even in September it is still hot), and also make the windows in the back fall off their track, down inside the door frame.

Needless to say the operation to fix these issues was not cheap. I nearly passed out when the car doctor gave me the news...

I think Geoff did.

But wait! There's more! I was sharing my Mom's Honda while I was without mine, and while I had both kiddos in the car it just up and quit on me. Yes it did... in the middle of a busy road, right after EJ's dance class.

That made twice it quit on me... the first time being in a long line of Mommies waiting to pick up their preschoolers. I finally got it going that time just as it was time for me to move up in line. Thank goodness for small miracles!

After I got it going again, we took it on over to the car doctor too. I think my Momma is going to start looking for a new car, which I wholeheartedly agree is high up on the agenda.

Especially as the car doctor himself just grinned as we drove it up to his shop...

Well, we've lots going on this weekend...

Tonight my Aunt and Uncle are taking us out to my favorite restaurant, Olive Garden... Geoff helped them move some furniture around, a couple of times (!) and they wanted to treat us. It certainly isn't necessary, but who can turn down Olive Garden and great company?!

Tomorrow is work day at our church, and then one of my best friends little boy, Walker, turns 1 with a birthday party at the Old House. She is actually my 3rd cousin too, making Walker my 4th(!)... It will be the first function there without cousin Fred, except for his funeral "celebration" lunch.

Tomorrow night Geoff and I are going to see Trisha Yearwood with our good friends... it will be a fun night out, and we haven't had one in a long while. Momma and Diddy are keeping the kids!

Sunday is church, and then hopefully I can catch up again on laundry. It's piling high, again. I think laundry and dishes are my least favorite job, but it has to be done all the same. My GeGe would roll over in her grave for my doing chores on Sunday, but Monday will be here soon enough with the start of another busy week...

And, Nana is coming to visit from Charleston, SC on Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend yall!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Update: I have had a few folks ask me where this picture came from... my husband worked in NYC, at Time Square, on 9/11. He was great friends with his coworkers, and when one gal got married in 2004, Geoff and I went up there to attend the wedding. We had both been back to NYC many times during and after 9/11, but this time one of us took this picture when we visited the Ground Zero site.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"Wordless" Wednesday... our Growing Puppies

I am trying on the "wordless" part, but there is always too much to say!

The kids got puppies from Nana for their birthdays in July. The pups are about 5 months old now, growing so quickly, and full of personality.

This is Jesse, Elizabeth's puppy... he is named for the cowgirl character in Toy Story II. EJ wanted a girl name, and a compromise was made on a name that could be either. It helped she loves Cowgirl Jesse.

Now meet Buzz, Cub's puppy. Buzz is named for Cub's all time favorite super hero... to infinity and beyond, Buzz Lightyear!

Some of yall have seen them before here on my blog (haven't they grown?!), but I have not had a picture of them recently... they are too active to get a very good shot!

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Monday, September 8, 2008

She is Growing Up

We are playing dress up this afternoon while Cub takes his nap. A little bit ago she put on her Barbie cheerleading outfit, and was jumping all over the room yelling "Yeah Cheerleaders!"... when she stood in the doorway of our bedroom, and paused for a brief second, I quickly caught this picture... now one of my current favorites.

This was the next moment...

I love our girl time...

Scenes from the Hunt

I mentioned before that this was the opening weekend of dove season here in Georgia... yesterday was the hunt here on our families land, and after church the first order of business was lunch. Many of the hunters had already gone out and made their "cover" by now, and I'll show you a couple of those pictures in a minute...

Everyone gathered at the tractor pull site, and after prayer and a few words on safety (!), the hunters had deer tenderloin, black eyed peas, fried okra, cornbread and dessert.

Here is a picture of Geoff and Cub on our Gator... they are heading off to get limbs for a friend to use later as cover. It took some doing, but I got Cub away from all the excitement to leave with us shortly after... I believe in the next few years he will be out there with the rest of them.

Be still my heart...

This is my Diddy's spot, right in front of our house... see his bucket under all the limbs he cut and placed? He also had a chair out there, and probably a cooler full of lemonade... his favorite.

My husband sat in our rock garden, which is great as it has a lot of shade... probably the most envious place as it was HOT yesterday. And humid too... the really sticky humid, as it had rained on Saturday and made it wet outside as well. Ugh!

Here is my Uncle Milton's cover... he sat in rows of sunflowers not yet plowed down, and put an office chair out for comfort. That's a new one, I believe... only Milton!

Momma, the kids and I went shopping... first we stopped at one of our favorite places, Cracker Barrel, for a veggie plate lunch. Then we made the rounds. Momma got all of her returns made, we bought a new car seat for Cub as he has outgrown his, and then we took the kids to the town's water works park.

It was a nice afternoon, and once again we avoided the sounds of all those shotguns for another year!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dove Season Begins

It's opening day... and the men are all in their camo's, guns in hand and sittin' in a friend's field... waiting to take shots at all the dove flying around.

I just can't think about it.

Poor, pretty birds... fly away while you still can!

As a matter of fact, tomorrow these same men (husband, Diddy, brother, uncles, cousins, the preacher and half the community) will be setting up their cover here, in our fields. After church they will converge for a meal, and then they will set out looking for tree limbs and brush to cut down for their hideouts from the unsuspecting birds.

Remember those pretty sunflower fields from July?

Well, let's just say that dove love sunflowers, and here are pictures of BB and Uncle Milton plowing down the now very dead sunflowers, plus some of the corn stalks. And, in doing so, spreading the seeds all over the ground... for the birds.

Are you following this plan?

Yeah, me too.

It is the way of life here, and I am used to and even proud of, the men (and some women) and their hunting. They do eat the birds, usually the night of each hunt, so it is not for just sport. The hunt is law abiding and the hunters are gentleman... just good 'ol boys having fun and enjoying a dove supper, or two, or three, or ten...hanging out, telling tall tales of who shot how many bird, who almost shot who, and so on.

Momma, the kids and I usually vacate the property. Reynie and BB's house is far enough back she can't really see/hear all the shooting, so she has a lot of craft things planned for her weekend. But we stay long enough to get some pictures, visit a bit with everyone, and then we head on out for another adventure somewhere else. I am proud of the boys, but I do not want to hang around to watch, or hear, all the action. Our house sits in the middle of the hunt here on this property, and my parents pretty much is too. In the past, when we stayed home we would hear gunshot pinging on our roofs, and the sounds of 70 or so shotguns firing... all day.

Not really my idea of a relaxing afternoon...so tomorrow we will gladly go shopping. I know, they twisted my arm, but we have to go somewhere... why not the mall?

Now, the next issue is how to get Cub to come with us this year. He wants to shoot the toy rifle we got him for his birthday...

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Celebrating Cousin Fred

This has been an emotional week. As we reflect on a special life that was lost many years ago (see post below), we also remember and celebrate a life that passed into the hands of God early Saturday morning.

My cousin Fred was a diabetic, and was in need of a kidney transplant. He had a variety of medical issues in the past years related to that situation, but one thing about Fred was constant.

His infectious, kind smile.

For many weeks he had been in the hospital with some of these diabetic complications. Due to infection, they first had to take two of his toes, and then amputate the bottom part of his leg. After this, Fred was up and down medically. He was in a coma like state for much of this time, but many times when he was aware he had visitors he would give them that smile. Early last Saturday morning, after a hard fought battle, Fred closed his eyes and God welcomed him home.

His passion in life included growing things, the University of Georgia "Dawgs" and last but never least, his family and friends. You could usually find him at the "Old House" preparing for a gathering, or driving his truck around our small town to visit with his friends. God gave him the gift of a green thumb, and he worked with his youngest brother in the landscaping business. He was not a church going man, but knew and believed in Him. He was saved.

Yesterday over 200 people gathered at the Old House to celebrate his life. This is not where he laid his head at night, that was just around the bend at the family's main house. But the Old House is a very special place. It is the oldest building left in our county, and is a part of their side of our family's history.

Fred had become the main caretaker of this old place, and it was where many of us had birthday parties, baby showers, wedding showers, graduation parties, huge Halloween parties, hunting breakfasts and cookouts... and where folks gathered just because it was a Friday night. He loved being with all of his family and friends, and welcomed everyone.

As we stood under one of the tents yesterday afternoon, right outside the Old House, my cousin and best friend Dixie, his niece, said it best. Fred is everywhere there. His legacy is in the newly planted flowers that he tended so carefully, his brothers and their families, and he is a big part of the long and treasured history of that special gathering place.

After everyone left, the immediate family stayed for one of the things that Fred wanted most. He was cremated, and they spread his ashes among the flower beds around the old house.

I am certain Fred is smiling still, now reunited with his parents and no longer in any pain.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

In Memory of Papa Jerry

21 years ago today, on a beautiful early fall afternoon, Geoff's daddy, Mr. Jerry, was doing one of the things he loved to do most in the world... fly airplanes. In a Pitts Special, he was getting ready for a Labor Day airshow, practicing an aerobatic maneuver called the Lomcovak. As Geoff and other pilots tell it, in this maneuver the airplane is purposefully going end over end, wingtip over wingtip.

This maneuver also causes a lot of G's, which is the force of gravity... it is said that Mr. Jerry probably pulled approximately 8 G's, which for a 100 pound person would be 800 pounds. Mr. Jerry weighed more than 100 pounds, so he would have felt even more force. It was during this time that he "G'd out" (gravity induced loss of consciousness), and basically lost his sense of what is up, down, left or right. He was "flying blind".

Tragically, at the age of 43, Mr. Jerry crashed into woods not far from here, and instantly passed away.

Geoff and I had just begun our Junior year of high school, and at the time we were broken up... it wasn't our first break up, or the last (as teenage romances seem to go!), but it was one of the most memorable for me.

Geoff had only been 16 years old for a couple of weeks, and we had not been out of school long for the day when the news came. We live in a small town, and word travels quick here, good or bad. This time it was the worst.

Since it was a Thursday, we had marching band practice scheduled for that evening, under the stadium lights. Geoff was a drummer... he played the Quads, and I was a majorette... everyone was so upset, and I can remember standing at attention, looking into the sky through tears as the sun was setting. It was beautiful. It was as if God was trying to give comfort, sending a gorgeous sunset to say that Mr. Jerry had flown safely into his arms, and was in heaven.

Geoff came to that practice for awhile and sat in the stands, and he was at school the next day. That night was our first football game of the season, and Geoff was in uniform, playing his drums with the band, in the stands and on the field. My heart broke for him, and I stammered at trying to find any words to tell him how very sorry I was. His family was like mine - his Momma is so sweet and kind, and his sister Lee, was (and still is), someone I looked up too. At this time she was a sophomore in college, and had been a majorette at our high school too.

Mr. Jerry was friends with my Daddy growing up, and our families know each other well. The whole community was in shock, and so saddened by this terrible accident.

Mr. Jerry was a pilot for Delta Air Lines at the time of his passing, and I will never forget how many uniformed Delta pilots and flight attendants were at the funeral. Not to overlook his large beloved family, childhood friends, Navy buddies, and other friends in the community. The old historic Methodist church was overfull, with the balcony sitting way more than it should, and people standing outside. I sat in the balcony with my family, and along with most there, cried through much of the service.

At the cemetery, a graveside service was held and a Missing Man formation was flown over us by fellow Delta pilots and good friends. What a touching and honorable remembrance for Mr. Jerry, his family and a community of friends who all loved him. He was buried with his Navy wings, medals and Delta wings pinned to him.

I have many memories of my own that I could share of Mr. Jerry, but one stands out in my mind more than others. I had just turned 16 years old, and had a new Pontiac Firebird. Since Geoff is 8 months younger than me, I drove down to his house to pick him up for our date that night. Mr. Jerry had just come in from a run, and hoped right on in my car, getting in the backseat. I looked at Geoff as he leaned up to the front and said "Where are we going?". He was a smart man, with a sense of humor... he knew that as soon as we left the driveway I'd pull over and let Geoff drive. He didn't go with us of course, but he made his point!

Many years later I too began my career at Delta Air Lines. As a Lead Flight Attendant I was always talking and joking with the pilots in the cockpit, and when many found out where I was from, they would always mention Jerry. Especially when I married Geoff, and had the same last name. I learned many great stories from those guys as they reminensed about layovers and flights they flew with him.

When Geoff and I got back together, got married and then had children, I remembered thinking to myself way back at the age of 16 how we'd name our son after Mr. Jerry (don't all teenage girls dream of the day they will marry their high school sweetheart and what their kids names will be?!)... I was so sure back then that I would marry Geoff. Our paths did take different turns for awhile, and at one point seemed all but lost, but somehow I knew then what our future would hold.

On that July afternoon in 2005 when our son was born, we named him Jerry Lee T. II. It was a special moment, and I like to think that Papa Jerry was looking down from heaven, soaring with pride.

"Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth...
And, while with silent, lifting mind I've trod
The high untrespassed sanctity of space,
Put out my hand, and touched the face of God.
From High Flight, By John Gillespie Magee, Jr.

Wordless Wednesday

Here Kitty Kitty... this is my cat "Booger". Isn't he beautiful?!

Geoff named him when he was a new kitten, and if you look close enough you'll see why... it kinda looks like he might have one!

Seriously, that is really how he got his name...

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

School Days for Cub

This morning Cub began his first day of school! He got up ready for the day to begin, and was so excited at the prospect of going to school "like Sissy does". Of course he wanted to bring his new Batman action figure, pirate sword, and eye patch.

After understanding the I would take good care of these precious items until he returned home, he was ready to get dressed and have his usual "cereal and milk" for breakfast.

Momma came over early with Elizabeth... she spent the night at their house last night, and after she got dressed, they headed off to kindergarten. It really helped out this morning as I wanted to love on Cub as much as possible!

I just couldn't stop hugging him, as if I was gonna squeeze him back to being a baby.

Seems like just yesterday he was learning to walk, and now he is a big 3 year old and going to PreK...

When we got to the church, he hopped out of the Jeep... ready to go in. I grasped his little hand in mine and we started toward the doors. As Elizabeth went to this Preschool last year, Cub is pretty familiar with everyone, and they were all calling out a good morning to him as we entered.

That was when he gripped me like his life depended on it, and decided he might not want to be there after all. Oh, the look in his eyes almost had me running out those doors, back to the Jeep and safety of the keeping him at home... just one more year.

That is when his wonderful teacher, Miss Jennifer, came over to save the day. She somehow coaxed us both to the room, and when Cub saw the construction toy in the middle of the floor, well... he was hooked. He leaped from my arms and headed over to play with all the trucks and tractors.

When I got home it was so quiet, I really didn't know what to do. There were no fights to break up between my kids, or boo boos to kiss and make better. No one to watch Toy Story with for the millionth time. I am sure I will come to understand that I have a good 2 or 3 hours to get something accomplished three days a week... but today I am just taking it in.

And watching the clock until I can go pick up my babies!

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