Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring is Here!

I am not sure why, but the week before a holiday, or a school break is always the most stressful. Last week was just crazy for me/us, but we made it through, and are so enjoying this spring break week!

Easter was also last weekend, and it was very nice... church, family and friends made up the festivities and celebration of our Lord's resurrection from the tomb.

And, that Sunday afternoon when we got home, I crashed. I think I slept for a hours on the couch... and then later all through the night as well. I was tired yall!

We have had a great spring break so far... from staying overnight at Momma's and Nana's, to the movies and eating out, we have had a nice staycation. Tomorrow we head up to the big city (Atl) and the Ga. Aquarium... the kids are so looking forward to this adventure, and so am I!

Have a great rest of the week yall!