Monday, March 31, 2008

Saturday, and Jasmine the Squirrel

Saturday was a great day. The weather was so nice, and the kids made a beeline for the outdoors. They are really enjoying the play yard, and that morning Geoff cleaned out the sandbox too. New sand went in, and they are in business. Spring is officially here!

As a big bonus, Uncle BB came by to borrow the lawnmower and spent some time pushing the kids on their swings... he's gonna be a great Daddy someday!

I spent the morning cleaning up the house a little, and Geoff was cutting grass. I heard him yelling for me from the front lawn. When I got there he showed me this little squirrel in our ivy patch. He got up from the mower and I expected it to run for his life, but it just looked up at Geoff with curiosity.

Geoff put his hand out and that little thing leaped up on his arm and went up to his chest! I was so taken aback I wasn't sure what to say. I almost felt like we were in a Disney Princess movie where all the animals are friendly like this... by now the kids came over, and Elizabeth was all about holding that squirrel. She is our animal lover, and says she wants to be a vet when she grows up.

(She gets this from me, but when she realizes the animals that might come into her office are usually sick, I bet she changes her mind... I did. I am glad that there are really good people out there who can be vets - but I am way to emotional to handle that situation day after day. Who knows though, maybe EJ surprise me...)

So, Geoff is holding the friendly squirrel, and EJ and Cub are petting it as if it were a cat! It wasn't freaking out, and was actually enjoying the attention. I was still a bit unsure if it might be hurt or sick, but it really seemed to be fine. Geoff walked over to the play yard and let the squirrel go, fully expecting it to run for his life.

Nope - it looked around for a minute, looked up at Geoff and came running right back up his leg! They sat down and the squirrel stayed put, right with them... it hopped into EJ's lap and she again petted him.

(For all you Moms out there who are screaming "Rabies!" at the top of your lungs, don't worry... I too thought of that, and more, but he was harmless...)

By this time the squirrel had been named... at first it was Ariel, but then she changed it to Jasmine. You know, like Princess Jasmine from the Disney movie "Aladdin". Everything around here gets a Princess name, or a name from Toy Story.

By this time our cat had sniffed around enough and got curious as to what had our attention. The fun was over as Jasmine was about to be lunch, so we got the cat's carrier and put Jasmine in there. I called the local wildlife preserve and they were more than happy to take him in.

When we got there, and I opened the carrier, Jasmine hopped onto my arm and up to my shoulder. EJ and Cub came over and picked him up to pet, and the naturalists eyes nearly fell out of her head. She said that she'd never seen a squirrel so friendly, even a young one.

Saying goodbye to this little guy was a difficult thing - for all of us. The tears flowed, and the squirrel got many hugs before they took her away for feeding. Jasmine is so sweet, and I am thankful he/she is being well taken care of.

Monday, March 24, 2008

It's All About the Attitude

I must begin this by saying I realize the kids are exhausted from our whirlwind weekend... tempers are bound to flare when they are tired, which they both are.

But this little ditty is priceless to me - I don't think I will forget this one.

After Cub and EJ were awake, the fussing began pretty early. If one had a toy, the other one wanted it. And vice versa... it was a back and forth kind of thing all morning. Oh, and I must not forget the tears - those were flowing freely in our home this morning too. Oceans full of them - I should be posting this from a boat.

Somewhere along this time I had to have a little conversation about "attitude" with Cub, and changing his. He has been pretty whiny lately, and I wanted to make sure he knew it wasn't the way to get everything he wanted. He learned this technique from his sister, and I want to nip it in the bud this go round.

My Diddy called to ask if I would run some errands for him, and I agreed. It meant getting dressed, seeing the real world out of this house on a day I don't usually have too, and getting the kids out of their car seats a couple of times. Can you tell I am a Daddy's girl and must really love my Diddy?!

Seriously, it was probably the best idea anyhow. Getting the kids out of the house sounded great... a change of scenery would be nice. Either that or buy a boat.

So, I began trying to get everyone dressed and out of the door. Elizabeth wanted to wear her red Santa dress, but seeing as Easter was yesterday I nixed that idea. We had rounds about that before I got her in a pink princess top and blue jeans... bait and switch works well sometimes!

And then Cub decided he didn't want to go anywhere...

"No Mommy! No go... wanna stay and play here. Hrrmph!"

His little arms crossed, legs criss-cross applesauced as he sat on the floor, and lips poked out a mile...

Okay, cute nonetheless, after a few minutes of that I was done. Tired or not, he was going with me, and it was the end of story. I got rather firm with him and made the comment he would have to talk it over with Daddy if he didn't straighten up pretty quickly.

I kid you not, in his sweet little baby talk he said to me, "Mommy, I not like your attitude (more like aye-aye-tude) at all... you need change it now, or I call Daddy!"

Our Easter Weekend

What a weekend! It got started on Friday when Momma said she would keep the kids if I'd go shopping for her...

Well, throw me in the briar patch why don't you?!

I did just that, and I was exhausted when I got back. I haven't shopped that much in a long time, and I added in our grocery shopping before I came home, so I was really tired. A good tired, though, as it was shopping, right?!

Saturday was the annual Easter Egg Hunt at our church. I was helping with it, so I left early to get things ready for the party. When I got home, Geoff left to go help hide eggs, and I got the kids dressed. Here is a picture of them in our rock garden with their outfits - right before Cub got really mad that I wouldn't let him play in the dirt. At least I got one good picture before the tears fell!

The egg hunt was a success, and then we came home to let the kids take a late nap, and play outside. For an extra early Easter, the weather was beautiful this weekend. Much better than last year when we all needed our winter coats to help look for eggs!

That evening I burned the first pot of pasta I was making for the next days salad, but luckily Momma was in the grocery store and brought me some more. I was trying to do too much at once, and also reading about my favorite show LOST on the internet.

Pasta really stinks when it is burnt!

That evening, late, we went to Momma's to color eggs - a tradition that can't be forgotten!

Sunday began early - Geoff had to be at church to help cook breakfast at 6am, and the kids and I had to be there at 7:45am for sunrise service. Cub went to the nursery, and EJ and I went to the choir loft. Since January, Reynie and I have been helping with the Children's Choir, and they were in a mini musical that morning. It was to be performed twice, at both services, and the teenagers were doing a play along with the children.

I thought the musical was wonderful, all of them were great, and I was very proud of them all. When they were singing I got tears in my eyes - what is sweeter than children singing praises to the Lord?

EJ did a beautiful job singing at the first performance, but just didn't want to sing at the second. I was a bit heartbroken, but sent her back to sit with Geoff and the rest of our family. As soon as we got home it was all she could do but sing and do the motions to every single song - over and over... go figure!?

So, here is what they wore to church on Sunday for Easter... yes, they match, and I love it!

After all the festivities at church. we went to Renee and Evan's house for lunch - the whole family. (Minus one very important person, my Diddy. He is a CPA and was in his office in Atlanta, as it's tax season yall! He really hates having to miss Easter every year, but will retire soon!) Evan's family was there too, so we had a big crowd.

From there it was back to Momma and Diddy's for the Easter Egg hunt! Whew - lots of fun, candy and eggs later we were done. Easter was officially over for the year, and all of us were wiped out...

I hardly remember going to sleep last night!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Sparkely" Eyes

Elizabeth was eating carrots a few days ago and when she was done she came to ask me something...

"Do my eyes look "sparkely"?! She was blinking and fanning her face...

It took me a second to realize what she meant, but then I grinned to myself and said, "Oh yes, they are so bright and pretty!"

Someone had told her carrots made your eyes sparkle, and she wanted to make sure that hers were doing just that...

At least it is one way to get her to eat veggies!

Easter is this weekend and I am so bummed that our camera is still in the shop for repairs... I will have to go dig up Momma's so I can share all the fun we have planned!

Happy Easter Yall!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Just Because...

I love this picture of Cub with his cousin Lauren's new puppy. I took it last Sunday at the birthday party of Grandma "ChooChoo", who is Geoff's Momma's Momma - Got it?!

We call both Great Grandma and Granddaddy the "ChooChoos" because Granddaddy worked on the railroad, and they live by the train tracks. When we visit, the kids get super excited to see the big trains go by. Their older cousin Jeffrey began this term of endearment, and we picked up on it when EJ was little.

Anyhow - I loved this sweet picture of Cub and his expression of joy with the puppy!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

This is how my morning began...

As usual, it was slow. I do not know why it takes sooooooo long to get myself and two little children up, fed, dressed and out the door?

Finally, in the car and both in their car seats we headed to town to take EJ to Pre-k. We were listening to the CD of songs for the Easter Play at church, and EJ was singing her heart out about the Beautiful Lamb, and He Did It!, when Cub got upset and his lips poked out a mile. HE wanted to hear Veggie Tales!

So, for the whole 20 minute drive into town I had dueling babies in the back seat singing different songs! Each was trying to out sing the other, and they got louder and louder...

Even though it was distracting (to say the least), it was kinda funny too. I love to hear them sing - EJ has a beautiful voice, and Cub is so cute with his baby talk singing. I decided to just enjoy the music, and let them sing it out!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Camera is at the "Doctor"


I had to take our camera back to Best Buy yesterday as it wasn't focusing properly... I will have to borrow Momma's while ours is being checked out, and hopefully fixed. Easter is right around the corner and I sure do hope we get it back before then...

These are a couple pictures I took right before it went in the shop - there are signs everywhere that spring is near! This is the flower a Bradford Pear tree makes (and boy does it have a different kind of smell... ick!) and forsythia is also blooming now as well.

I understand the weather is supposed to be nice today, so I think the kids will be looking forward to playing outside, after EJ's preschool and Cub's Mommy and Me program. We have all of our church activities tonight as well - Wednesday is one of our busiest days!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our "Cousin Baby Sister"

Last Saturday the kids and I went over to my 1st cousin's home (yes, down the big road a ways, but close to Geoff's/our Aunt and Uncle's dairy farm)...

Her name is Renee, and her husband is Evan. They got married a year ago, just after the Christmas holidays, and right before 2007 began. Renee is kinda like the little sister Billy and I didn't have, and I have lots of fun stories about us growing up... some include fresh cow piles, haunted houses and a sweet Grandmomma, but for times sake I will have to save those gems for later posts!

This one is about the photographs I went to take of their almost three week old little girl, Addyson. I am not a professional, but I love to take pictures. When we had Elizabeth I became much more interested in photography, and we have thousands of digital files to show for it. Geoff and I are very interested in maybe beginning something with this idea, as he is in graphic design and much more of a photographer than I am. He is also looking into aerial photography as he is a pilot, and that is his first love anyhow!

So, on our way over the kids were talking to each other about their new cousin. Cub (in his two year old way, and unique language I usually have to interpret for most) said he was excited to see the Addyson. EJ chimed in that she was too, and that she was their "Cousin Baby Sister"... it has now stuck. Funny thing is Renee said Evan's niece called Addyson the very same thing - four year olds are just smart like that!

At this point I didn't think I was going to get EJ and Cub away from Addyson long enough to take a single shot of her alone, as they were taken with their "cousin baby sister"... but Aunt Betty came to the rescue and entertained them. With chocolate chip cookies and the Disney Channel - I'd say she's got a great head start on this Grammy thing!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the morning...

She has sweet little feet - so tiny, with wrinkles and cute little toes... I could photograph her feet all day long! Here is one with her Daddy's wedding ring...

Our cousin baby sister Addyson was so good, and so much fun to take pictures of. She is a beautiful little girl. I know we will have many more opportunities as she grows up with EJ and Cub, not unlike Renee, Billy (now Uncle BB, as EJ named him when she was still learning to talk) and I did....

And, maybe someday Addyson will be joined with a brother or sister, or another cousin or two!? I'm not talking about me folks - I've packed up most of my baby stuff and sent it down the dirt road in hopes of it encouraging the newlyweds a pasture behind us!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Snow, again?!

I tried to post this earlier in the week, but couldn't get the pictures to upload... it wouldn't be the same without the pictures, that is my favorite part! It happens to be the best/only part of this little ditty... So, here is the delayed post of our latest "snow day"!

Saturday morning it snowed here - again! Lots and lots of it...

It didn't stick at all really, but the kids were thrilled about the huge flakes that fell for a few hours that morning.

And, of course, we had to go outside to play in the falling snow - bbrrrrr!

Is it spring yet?!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


It is very quiet and peaceful here at the moment...

I have a thousand things to get done before church tonight, but I love it when it gets this peaceful, if only for the short time it occurs.

What is going on? Both kids are actually taking a nap today, and in my book that is a miracle in itself. EJ doesn't usually take a real nap anymore, but will pretend to do so in her room. This works for me just fine as she gets some quiet time playing, and so I get some quiet time too. When she does take a nap, like today, I know she really needed it, and she'll be in a much better mood when she wakes.

Cub is still a pretty good sleeper in the afternoons, and I am so thankful for this. As a baby he cut out the morning nap early, so he has always taken a nice siesta after lunch! He plays hard and is sooooo active - I always feel like I need a nap when he does because I am exhausted when I get him down for an hour or two!

I am also thankful they are both napping today, as we have church tonight with Easter Play practice and AWANA for EJ, and nursery for Cub. I used to enjoy the Bible study with our preacher, but have been helping out with the kids programs for awhile now. I get so much enjoyment working with the children in our church, and am blessed to be a part of their discovering God's grace. I think (know) many times that I learn more from them than the other way around!

So, I am off to clean and do a bit of laundry before the zoo erupts again... I have had a nice little break, and must get geared up for the rest of our Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tornados and Strep Throat

What a difference a day can make!

Yesterday was such a nice day, as was the weekend... but today is rather awful! We are being bombarded by high winds, pouring rain and tornado warnings. If you know me, you are aware of my fear of bad weather... I really, really hate it.

I can remember being at my Grandmother's house (across the field) and it was dark outside. My parents may have been out for a well deserved date, so my brother and I were staying with her until they returned. We always stayed in her kitchen as it was the center of the universe, and where she watched TV and read.

I remember the winds picked up considerably, lightening popped, and it was raining... I went straight under the table. It was so dark, and my imagination was running wild with what was happening outside that warm room. I can almost feel my heart beating out of my elementary school chest (or is it because mine is doing so today as well?) as I prayed to God to save us from the storm. I also prayed for Momma and Diddy to come home soon. It wasn't I didn't feel safe with Grandmomma, because I did, but I just wanted my Daddy!!! He was/is the calm in storms, and all things I can't handle.

Years later we experienced another storm I'll never forget. It was a Sunday afternoon and it got spooky quiet outside. Diddy and I went to the bay window to check it out when pieces of tin began to whiz by the house! And then it was tin, wood and tree limbs... it looked a weird shade of green out there too... Diddy and I then went to the french doors at the end of the room and saw a tornado across the pasture. I was mesmerized by this, as it had already destroyed the barn, taking the tin roof and wood and flinging it for miles. Our trampoline went end over end down through the yard to who remembers where. I do remember being really concerned for the cows who had no where to run as that wind tunnel began coming our way. (They survived it just fine...)

Momma and Billy saw all this as well, and Diddy was trying to get us to the back hall and bathroom... the tornado was coming across that pasture toward our home... I have never been as scared and unable to move in my whole life.

By the grace of God that tornado took a turn before it hit our house and "hopped" over the woods on the other side, taking with it only some shingles off the roof.

I have never been the same about weather again... I am a wimp, terrified.

Eight months pregnant with EJ, I trembled in our hall closet as we took cover from another tornado in the area... my girlfriend in Atlanta was in labor, and for a time labored in the hall of Northside Hospital as they were experiencing the same bad weather. My husband stood on our front porch loving it as the wind whipped around and trees bent over in crazy angles... we didn't get hit that time, but it sure was too close for my comfort!

As I write this the sky is clearing and it appears the rain is slowing... we are still under a tornado watch, but I feel much more at ease for the moment.

Just in case, I have cleaned out the hall closet. Or, BB and Reynie's basement is just a short drive down the dirt road...

As for the strep throat, I took EJ to the Dr yesterday and she has it... we are stuck in the house today as she is contagious until she has taken the antibiotic for 24 hours... Not that we will be going anywhere in this weather anyway! I expect Cub will get it too, but hope for the best.

Monday, March 3, 2008

God is Knocking...

I took this picture mid morning. It's one of two Quince bushes we have outside our bathroom window, and I noticed that they were both blooming as I was getting dressed for the day. This weekend was gorgeous here in our little piece of the south, and though I know we are still in for some cold weather, I can't help but get excited at the bits of spring beginning to show!

Last night Geoff took Elizabeth and Cub upstairs for their goodnight books and prayers before bed. Cub is always first, and after his book and little talk with God is over, he likes for us to "fly" him to his bed... then he gets his goodnight kisses and lights out.

EJ has her own little ritual, and after her book and prayers she likes us to rub her back before we kiss her goodnight and turn off the big light. She will not sleep without a night light...

When Geoff came back downstairs, he told me that he learned something while getting the kids settled down for the night, and this is what he told me....

"After we said our prayers, she put her hand on her chest and said that she could feel God. She then asked if I wanted to feel him? So, I put my hand on her chest and she told me that it was God knocking (her heartbeat). Then she said the reason he does this is so that when you lose your heart and can not find it, just listen for God knocking and you will find it there."

Of course I cried...

Amen, baby girl... Amen!