Wednesday, March 5, 2008


It is very quiet and peaceful here at the moment...

I have a thousand things to get done before church tonight, but I love it when it gets this peaceful, if only for the short time it occurs.

What is going on? Both kids are actually taking a nap today, and in my book that is a miracle in itself. EJ doesn't usually take a real nap anymore, but will pretend to do so in her room. This works for me just fine as she gets some quiet time playing, and so I get some quiet time too. When she does take a nap, like today, I know she really needed it, and she'll be in a much better mood when she wakes.

Cub is still a pretty good sleeper in the afternoons, and I am so thankful for this. As a baby he cut out the morning nap early, so he has always taken a nice siesta after lunch! He plays hard and is sooooo active - I always feel like I need a nap when he does because I am exhausted when I get him down for an hour or two!

I am also thankful they are both napping today, as we have church tonight with Easter Play practice and AWANA for EJ, and nursery for Cub. I used to enjoy the Bible study with our preacher, but have been helping out with the kids programs for awhile now. I get so much enjoyment working with the children in our church, and am blessed to be a part of their discovering God's grace. I think (know) many times that I learn more from them than the other way around!

So, I am off to clean and do a bit of laundry before the zoo erupts again... I have had a nice little break, and must get geared up for the rest of our Wednesday!

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Reynie said...

I hope you enjoyed your quiet time while the kids slept. Maybe you'll get more of that today!