Monday, March 24, 2008

Our Easter Weekend

What a weekend! It got started on Friday when Momma said she would keep the kids if I'd go shopping for her...

Well, throw me in the briar patch why don't you?!

I did just that, and I was exhausted when I got back. I haven't shopped that much in a long time, and I added in our grocery shopping before I came home, so I was really tired. A good tired, though, as it was shopping, right?!

Saturday was the annual Easter Egg Hunt at our church. I was helping with it, so I left early to get things ready for the party. When I got home, Geoff left to go help hide eggs, and I got the kids dressed. Here is a picture of them in our rock garden with their outfits - right before Cub got really mad that I wouldn't let him play in the dirt. At least I got one good picture before the tears fell!

The egg hunt was a success, and then we came home to let the kids take a late nap, and play outside. For an extra early Easter, the weather was beautiful this weekend. Much better than last year when we all needed our winter coats to help look for eggs!

That evening I burned the first pot of pasta I was making for the next days salad, but luckily Momma was in the grocery store and brought me some more. I was trying to do too much at once, and also reading about my favorite show LOST on the internet.

Pasta really stinks when it is burnt!

That evening, late, we went to Momma's to color eggs - a tradition that can't be forgotten!

Sunday began early - Geoff had to be at church to help cook breakfast at 6am, and the kids and I had to be there at 7:45am for sunrise service. Cub went to the nursery, and EJ and I went to the choir loft. Since January, Reynie and I have been helping with the Children's Choir, and they were in a mini musical that morning. It was to be performed twice, at both services, and the teenagers were doing a play along with the children.

I thought the musical was wonderful, all of them were great, and I was very proud of them all. When they were singing I got tears in my eyes - what is sweeter than children singing praises to the Lord?

EJ did a beautiful job singing at the first performance, but just didn't want to sing at the second. I was a bit heartbroken, but sent her back to sit with Geoff and the rest of our family. As soon as we got home it was all she could do but sing and do the motions to every single song - over and over... go figure!?

So, here is what they wore to church on Sunday for Easter... yes, they match, and I love it!

After all the festivities at church. we went to Renee and Evan's house for lunch - the whole family. (Minus one very important person, my Diddy. He is a CPA and was in his office in Atlanta, as it's tax season yall! He really hates having to miss Easter every year, but will retire soon!) Evan's family was there too, so we had a big crowd.

From there it was back to Momma and Diddy's for the Easter Egg hunt! Whew - lots of fun, candy and eggs later we were done. Easter was officially over for the year, and all of us were wiped out...

I hardly remember going to sleep last night!

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Reynie said...

Cute pics of the kids. All I can think about though is your brother (do you like how he becomes "your brother" and not "my husband" when he has done something...) said "Cub, why'd you let your momma put you in that yellow outfit?" Unfortunately, my children will probably never see those type of cut outfits past their first year of life. JD and Carhart after that.