Monday, March 24, 2008

It's All About the Attitude

I must begin this by saying I realize the kids are exhausted from our whirlwind weekend... tempers are bound to flare when they are tired, which they both are.

But this little ditty is priceless to me - I don't think I will forget this one.

After Cub and EJ were awake, the fussing began pretty early. If one had a toy, the other one wanted it. And vice versa... it was a back and forth kind of thing all morning. Oh, and I must not forget the tears - those were flowing freely in our home this morning too. Oceans full of them - I should be posting this from a boat.

Somewhere along this time I had to have a little conversation about "attitude" with Cub, and changing his. He has been pretty whiny lately, and I wanted to make sure he knew it wasn't the way to get everything he wanted. He learned this technique from his sister, and I want to nip it in the bud this go round.

My Diddy called to ask if I would run some errands for him, and I agreed. It meant getting dressed, seeing the real world out of this house on a day I don't usually have too, and getting the kids out of their car seats a couple of times. Can you tell I am a Daddy's girl and must really love my Diddy?!

Seriously, it was probably the best idea anyhow. Getting the kids out of the house sounded great... a change of scenery would be nice. Either that or buy a boat.

So, I began trying to get everyone dressed and out of the door. Elizabeth wanted to wear her red Santa dress, but seeing as Easter was yesterday I nixed that idea. We had rounds about that before I got her in a pink princess top and blue jeans... bait and switch works well sometimes!

And then Cub decided he didn't want to go anywhere...

"No Mommy! No go... wanna stay and play here. Hrrmph!"

His little arms crossed, legs criss-cross applesauced as he sat on the floor, and lips poked out a mile...

Okay, cute nonetheless, after a few minutes of that I was done. Tired or not, he was going with me, and it was the end of story. I got rather firm with him and made the comment he would have to talk it over with Daddy if he didn't straighten up pretty quickly.

I kid you not, in his sweet little baby talk he said to me, "Mommy, I not like your attitude (more like aye-aye-tude) at all... you need change it now, or I call Daddy!"

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Reynie said...

Tell her how it is Cub! You ain't takin' none of your momma's attitude! Call Dad! Do it!

Cub is a rock star! And I love him!