Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our "Cousin Baby Sister"

Last Saturday the kids and I went over to my 1st cousin's home (yes, down the big road a ways, but close to Geoff's/our Aunt and Uncle's dairy farm)...

Her name is Renee, and her husband is Evan. They got married a year ago, just after the Christmas holidays, and right before 2007 began. Renee is kinda like the little sister Billy and I didn't have, and I have lots of fun stories about us growing up... some include fresh cow piles, haunted houses and a sweet Grandmomma, but for times sake I will have to save those gems for later posts!

This one is about the photographs I went to take of their almost three week old little girl, Addyson. I am not a professional, but I love to take pictures. When we had Elizabeth I became much more interested in photography, and we have thousands of digital files to show for it. Geoff and I are very interested in maybe beginning something with this idea, as he is in graphic design and much more of a photographer than I am. He is also looking into aerial photography as he is a pilot, and that is his first love anyhow!

So, on our way over the kids were talking to each other about their new cousin. Cub (in his two year old way, and unique language I usually have to interpret for most) said he was excited to see the Addyson. EJ chimed in that she was too, and that she was their "Cousin Baby Sister"... it has now stuck. Funny thing is Renee said Evan's niece called Addyson the very same thing - four year olds are just smart like that!

At this point I didn't think I was going to get EJ and Cub away from Addyson long enough to take a single shot of her alone, as they were taken with their "cousin baby sister"... but Aunt Betty came to the rescue and entertained them. With chocolate chip cookies and the Disney Channel - I'd say she's got a great head start on this Grammy thing!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the morning...

She has sweet little feet - so tiny, with wrinkles and cute little toes... I could photograph her feet all day long! Here is one with her Daddy's wedding ring...

Our cousin baby sister Addyson was so good, and so much fun to take pictures of. She is a beautiful little girl. I know we will have many more opportunities as she grows up with EJ and Cub, not unlike Renee, Billy (now Uncle BB, as EJ named him when she was still learning to talk) and I did....

And, maybe someday Addyson will be joined with a brother or sister, or another cousin or two!? I'm not talking about me folks - I've packed up most of my baby stuff and sent it down the dirt road in hopes of it encouraging the newlyweds a pasture behind us!

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Reynie said...

I just started to cry looking at those pictures! I love them! For so many reasons!

First, you are so talented! I seriously think you could start a business. I would help! Anything you need me to do I would help! (Side note... I want you to take some pixs of me and BB for our first year anniversary! We'll talk more later!)

Secondly, Addyson is the most beautiful baby! Renee showed me pixs that you did on Sunday. They are wonderful. I got to play with her and love on her. I just love our family!! God has blessed all of us. As defunct as we can be sometimes, we are truly blessed! And I love every minute of it and would never trade it!

Third and last, I hear you girlfriend! I told BB tonight before he left for his trip that the time is coming soon! He smiled!