Thursday, March 13, 2008

This is how my morning began...

As usual, it was slow. I do not know why it takes sooooooo long to get myself and two little children up, fed, dressed and out the door?

Finally, in the car and both in their car seats we headed to town to take EJ to Pre-k. We were listening to the CD of songs for the Easter Play at church, and EJ was singing her heart out about the Beautiful Lamb, and He Did It!, when Cub got upset and his lips poked out a mile. HE wanted to hear Veggie Tales!

So, for the whole 20 minute drive into town I had dueling babies in the back seat singing different songs! Each was trying to out sing the other, and they got louder and louder...

Even though it was distracting (to say the least), it was kinda funny too. I love to hear them sing - EJ has a beautiful voice, and Cub is so cute with his baby talk singing. I decided to just enjoy the music, and let them sing it out!

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