Friday, March 14, 2008

Just Because...

I love this picture of Cub with his cousin Lauren's new puppy. I took it last Sunday at the birthday party of Grandma "ChooChoo", who is Geoff's Momma's Momma - Got it?!

We call both Great Grandma and Granddaddy the "ChooChoos" because Granddaddy worked on the railroad, and they live by the train tracks. When we visit, the kids get super excited to see the big trains go by. Their older cousin Jeffrey began this term of endearment, and we picked up on it when EJ was little.

Anyhow - I loved this sweet picture of Cub and his expression of joy with the puppy!

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Reynie said...

It won't be long before you guys have more animals per the request of your children.