Monday, December 1, 2008

Fishing with Uncle BB

I seem to have been away for awhile... for some reason I haven't had much time to blog lately. And, when some time does come that I could sit down to write, well, I'd rather just sit.

It's not that I haven't had a lot to say, or tell about, because the holidays are full of great tales here...

I honestly don't know what the problem is. I'll just blame it on being too busy for now.

Above is my favorite picture from our week of Thanksgiving celebrating... that's right yall. We went to four family gatherings, and loved every one of them. The company was wonderful and the food was awesome... I now need to go on a crash diet, and I don't even eat any of the turkey/meat! Squash and green bean casseroles here are a staple, as well as creamed corn from the fields, mac and cheese, potato salad AND mashed potatoes.

The cornbread dressing is always my favorite - the best part of all the yummy food made during the holidays. Just put some cranberry sauce on top and that's all you really need!

Well, and maybe the creamed corn... but any good Banks child has to have creamed corn.

Back to the picture again... this is my "little" brother Billy. As many of yall know Elizabeth began calling him "Unka BB" when she was itty bitty, and it stuck. So, here he is with Cub, Bella (Reynie's sister's daughter) and Elizabeth fishing at our Daddy's family Thanksgiving lunch. BB and Reynie have it at their house the Saturday after Turkey Day, as BB and Diddy are still out in Kansas hunting pheasant on the holiday.

Don't even get me started on that subject... it's been this way for years. They eat their turkey on Thanksgiving Day at a truck stop somewhere on the way home.


Anyway, it was cold and raining, but we went out for a little fishing. I just thought this picture was too cute not to share. BB and I used to fish right about where they are when we were kids too. Of course we used chicken livers for bait, and I feel sure my daughter won't go near it. Still, the fishing is becoming a family tradition!

I do hope anyone who might still be checking in here had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I hope to catch up on my blogging again soon, and look forward to sharing the joys of our Christmas season here.

Now, back to the laundry!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Favorite Artwork...

I treasure the artwork my kids bring home from school. I save it all, which will be a problem when they are older and I have stuff of theirs from PreK 3, but for now I keep everything!

Here are the latest masterpieces from my little "Picasos"...

Elizabeth made this leaf project in kindergarten. I love all the work she put into it, and the pretty fall colors. She said the best part was getting to glue it all together, and I believe it.

Give the girl a bottle of glue, scissors and some paper, and who needs a babysitter?!

Cub came home with this turkey today... it's so cute!

On each feather are things he is thankful for, which I just love! If you will notice, on the last yellow one, at the bottom, it reads "my big boy bed"...

Now, if only he would sleep in it through the whole night!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cub's New Big Boy Bed

Time sure does fly doesn't it?

My children are just growing up so fast. I remember nights when I rocked my son for hours trying to get him to go to sleep in his crib... with awful reflux issues (oh, the posts I could write on childhood reflux... both our children had/have it) sleep was a real novelty in our house for years.

As a matter of fact, both our kids "slept", and I use that term lightly, in their car seats, in their bassinet/crib for a good long while. It was the only way I found they would sleep for a couple hours at the time... I think it worked b/c they were sitting upright, and their condition was better when they were not laying down.

Just remembering all those endless, worried nights is making me a bit anxious...

Anyhow, for about a year now Cub has been in his toddler bed, which was really his crib with a side off. It has worked splendidly, and he usually slept well there. I knew it was getting time for him to move into a real big boy bed, but had been putting it off as I want my little man to be a baby forever.

Yes, forever... he's just too cute at 3 right now!

Last week Momma found a great deal on a mattress and box springs at Macy's, called me, bought them and they were delivered Saturday. Last night Geoff went out to our storage and got out his childhood bed. It's a cannon ball bed, and will look great in Cub's room once it has a nice coat or two of navy paint on it!

Plus, it being Daddy's "big boy bed" will be a special touch for him.

Until I paint it, though, we went ahead and set up the frame, box spring, and mattress. He has a nice new set of airplane sheets, and I am looking for a cool quilt to be the cover. Aunt Betty Jo made him the airplane blanket that I threw over the top last night, and both kids decided they wanted to sleep there... together.

Again, "sleep" being the key word... notsomuch.

I put a big damper on that as it was a school night, but maybe I should have let EJ sleep with him... he was up and down the stairs all night, climbing into our bed and hugging up to me.

Sweet, yes?! I think so too, but not good for me getting any sleep, as he has to have his hand wrapped around my heart necklace and he isn't a very still sleeper... I took him back up the stairs twice, all the while remembering those foggy first years of babyhood. Up and down those steps... up and down... over and over...

I even remember very well the places I needed to step in order for the stairs to not creak. Good heavens, I didn't want to wake up EJ too!

Maybe tonight they can have a slumber party in his room... whatever works still applies for this sleepy Mommy!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another Little Ditty From the Princess

Tomorrow, my husband Geoff will be ordained as a Deacon in our church. I tell you this because I am very proud of him, and because it pertains to this little ditty that I ran downstairs to write about quickly... Before I forget how precious it was, how grown up my first baby is becoming and how I giggled as I shut her bedroom door.

Tonight, just minutes ago, while putting Elizabeth to bed, I told her to get a good nights rest as tomorrow was an important day for her Daddy.

"Why?" she asked.

"Daddy will become a Deacon in our church, and we'll have lots of family and friends there." I said.

I could see her processing this new word, Deacon... she had listened in earlier as Geoff explained it to her 10 year old cousin Jeffrey, and I knew things were still fuzzy as to what it all meant, and what will happen at church.

"It's a nice thing!" I added quickly, as I saw her brow scrunch up in thought. "Our church likes Daddy and wants him to be a leader and help others."

"Why do they want Daddy to do that?" she asked with the curious tone she now has down pat... "He's married to us already."

Out of the mouth of one sweet little princess, straight to her Mommy's blog!

Good night Yall!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh! I Just Want to Keep Them this Age Forever!

Tuesdays are a tough day for us... it's a school day for both of the kids (and Cub's is at a church in town, 25 minutes away), and then Elizabeth has ballet and tap class... back in town. It's back and forth to town 3 times...

Cub doesn't usually get a nap, which is always a bad situation, and tensions can run high by the time dance class is over.

I usually have a nice headache by this time too, and there is still supper, homework (in kindergarten yall!!!!) baths and bed ahead of us.

Last Tuesday Elizabeth and I were having one of those "Mother-Daughter" moments, and Cub was listening in with full attention. I have no idea what we were arguing over either... but it was becoming a little heated. EJ is very headstrong, and right now if I say "No", she says "Yes"... so we have some trouble in the communication department.

Oh the joys of keeping my cool, and trying not to yell. It's an art form I am perfecting lately.

So, after the whinning, and EJ crying, and my continued effort to keep things to a dull roar, I say that the arguing is over, no more discussion, and that is IT!

Cub pipes up from his car seat "Yall are breaking my heart!" I look back, trying not to giggle, and he has his arms crossed over his chest and his lips are poked way out, like his feelings were just stomped on, yet he wasn't even in trouble!

What a cutie pie!

Momma (my Mother) had a migraine headache over the weekend, and it was a really bad one. Have yall ever had one of these? I get them too, and it's miserable...

Anyway, Elizabeth was very sad she couldn't go see Momma, and so at night when she said her prayers she would ask God "to help make my Momma feel better from the bad 'ol headache".

On Monday Momma went to the Dr., who gave her a shot and some pills to help it go away. On Tuesday she felt much better, and even helped at our local poll location, so the kids didn't see her at all on Tuesday either.

Yesterday morning was like a reunion as Momma came to pick up EJ and take her to kindergarten (I am so blessed to have her help me... she loves to take the kids to school sometimes)... Elizabeth ran over, gave her the biggest hug and said...

"Momma, I prayed to God that your headache would go away. Do you feel better?"

Mom replied she felt great, and how sweet that the prayer was...

EJ then said "Yes, after I said my prayers God helped my words go up to Him, and then right on over to your house to hug you, and make you better."

What tears I felt well up at that!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

I took this picture at my friend Candi's house while we were there to watch an airshow... the planes were doing "loop de loops" and all kinds of acrobatic maneuvers right over her house! They live close (as the bird flies) to a local airport that was sponsoring the event, and it just so happens we had great seats in her front yard.

I love that she used an old John Deere tractor seat in her Fall decor - perfect!

Happy Halloween yall, and for more "Wordless Wednesday" participants, go to 5 Minutes for Mom!

A Day Out with Thomas

Last weekend we went to Cordele, GA to see Thomas the Train... it was a fun day, and the kids were thrilled that they not only saw Thomas, but got to take a ride with him.

We left on Friday night and went to my Grandma's house. She passed on about a year and a half ago now, but my Momma and Aunt Runelle have kept the house. It was nice to be there, even for just a night. She lived in a little town as well, and I have fond memories of this place.

Saturday morning we all got up early and dressed. Then we went into "town" and had breakfast at the one stop mart there. Momma and Aunt Runelle had a time reminiscing with the old men gathered in there for their usual breakfast routine, and I loved just watching it all. Small towns have a charm all their own, and being from one myself, I love that everyone knows everyone, and most are usually related.

Even if it is 8th cousins twice removed!

Okay, so back to Thomas... we left Grandma's and headed to Cordele. When we got there Elizabeth and Cub were anxious to "go ride with Thomas!" Our tickets were for noon, and we were there early, so we headed to the various stations they had set up for the children to play in.

Here EJ is coloring with the markers/crayons provided... this is one of her favorite things in the world to do, so it was perfect for her. They also had Thomas and Friends stamps out for the kids to play with, and she stayed at this table for awhile too.

Cub could care less about coloring (usually), so he ran to one of the Lego train sets there for the kids to play with. At first he was very good about sharing with the other children, but became a bit possesive of the Engine later, so off we went to see if we could find the "real" Thomas!

After a stop for funnel cakes, pretzels, drinks and face painting, we finally saw Thomas coming around the tracks!

While we were waiting for Thomas to take us for a ride we had a family picture made... Cub has on a het he got at an exhibit there, and it's on a bit lopsided...

My parents and Aunt Runelle were with us on this adventure, and here they are with EJ. Aunt Runelle was sitting on the other side, so she didn't make this picture, but we all enjoyed being together and watching the kids excitement as we rode the train.

When the ride was over, and we were headed back to the car, I could tell our children needed NAPS! It was that time of day, and with all the fun and excitement I knew it wouldn't be long before eyes grew heavy. Elizabeth never succomed to the much needed nap, but it took Cub all of about 5 minutes before his eyes closed and he took a little snooze.

Isn't he sweet?

Another successful and exciting fall journey completed, I hope to be home now for awhile!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Anyone Know a Dentist?

I couldn't resist... this was too funny. But since I am showing you Cub's picture, I will also show yall mine as well.

Scary, huh? Nothing like fair play!

Plus, he'll see this one day, and by then he will probably be much bigger than me.

We went back to Aunt Reynie's house to visit last Friday. She has a toy cabinet that the kids all love to get in and pull everything out... this time Cub pulled out a new box of these play teeth. (I think Aunt Reynie has been shopping!) He was very intrigued, and brought them over to me to open.

As soon as I pulled them out of the package Cub grabbed one... it took a little bit of coaxing, and me trying on the pair you see above, but he put the teeth in his mouth. He got a kick out of it, and thank goodness I'd slipped the camera to Reynie, because she got a great shot of the fun.

Elizabeth came over to the couch, and after watching Cub and Mommy try on some of the teeth, I could tell she really wanted to as well. She got a pair in her hand, and half way to mouth, but it was a no go... there were just too many people watching her. She is very concious lately of looking "silly", or anyone laughing at her, so even though she really wanted to try it, she decided not to.

I have so much to catch up on here! Last week I visited with EJ's kindergarten class again, and this past weekend we went to South Georgia to see and ride on Thomas the Train! I have lots of great pictures to share, and may be back later in the day to post again.

But, at the moment I have to get Cub and myself dressed and head into town to run some errands... it's those priorities again, getting in the way of my storytelling!

I'll leave on this note... Cub is running around here this morning with his Darth Vader mask and cape, cowboy boots, underwear and play shotgun. He's "shootin the bad guys" and "takin care of Mommy"...

My little hero!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Come On Around to Our Backdoor...

Happy Fall, Yall!

This is the fall decor that will greet you at our backdoor... the scarecrow at the top was made and decorated by Elizabeth at school. Isn't he neat?! She was thrilled the day her class was to make them, and is very proud of her little guy. He has all of her "goodies" from the pumpkin patch this past weekend in his lap... little white and orange pumpkins, colored corn with husks, etc.

I think she named him Jasmine...

The large pumpkin is Cub's... he made this at preschool, and the pumpkin's face is made from his handprints! When he came walking out of the door with this in his little hand, I could see his grin from ear to ear... he knew Mommy would LOVE it!

I love both the handmade fall decorations I got to use this year - what a lucky Mommy I am!

What a special welcome for our family and friends...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Trip to the Cabin

This weekend was our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch up in the North Geaorgia mountains... for a little bit I was afraid we weren't going to make it.

Last week Cub got a stomach virus that was going around, and missed two more days of "playschool". As usual, I caught it on Thursday, and was in bed all day... if someone you know gets it, run like crazy. It is an awful experience...

I wasn't sure on Friday if I was going to get us all packed and ready, but I kept at it, stopping along the way to sit on the couch to stop the room from spinning around, and around, and around.... ugh!

When Geoff got home, and as we were getting the bags packed into Momma and Diddy's Expedition, Momma got dizzy and nauseous... like I said, just run if you even think someone has it. Save yourself, the sick friend/family member will understand.

Momma was a trooper, and better woman than I, and brought herself a little trash can for the ride up to Diddy's office to pick him up. It was there they decided to take Diddy's car, just in case they needed to go home... the kids were oblivious to the adults plight, and kept asking over and over that dreaded question-

"When are we gonna be there?"

Oh yes, the beginning of this trip wasn't the best as memories go, but it sure wasn't forgettable!

We did make it up to Dahlonega and Aunt Lucy's cabin that night, and settled in. Nana, Lee (Geoff's sister) and her son Jeffrey were coming early in the morning, and it didn't take much for everyone to fall fast asleep.

Saturday morning we dressed, and Momma was feeling better... we met up with the others at the local McDonald's for a quick breakfast, and then off to the pumpkin patch we went.

I must back track a bit to the part where we got dressed. Every year Mom and I look for something really cute for the kids to wear for their pumpkin pictures. Usually I find it at the country fair a couple of weeks ago, but this year we got something from a trunk show at my cousins... adorable outfits. EJ loved hers, no problem... but my world was rocked when I was dressing my son and he refused the collored shirt that went with his matching outfit!


Oh well... I knew it would happen one day, but at 3 years old?! He's still my baby, right?

So, I had to get a turtleneck to put under his jonjon... and when I put on the jonjon, it was inches to short. It was almost more than I could handle, but decided he was gonna wear it anyhow. It looked almost as if it was supposed to be that way... kinda.

As usual Burt's Farm was full of families taking pictures, picking out pumpkins and enjoying the fall weather. The line for the hayride was around the entire back of the place, so we didn't attempt it... the kids were pretty good to take some pictures, but as soon possible they were done with that too.

I surrender! My babies are growing up. Elizabeth was way more interested in her cousin Jeffrey's ipod than I ever imagined she would be, and Cub was thrilled with his Star Wars toys. What happened to Toy Story 2?!

After we had as much fun as we could stand at the pumpkin patch, we headed to the apple orchard. The kids picked apples, watched the honey bees working to make the delicious honey, played in the petting zoo, and shot apples at targets with the high powered apple shooter... they loved that!

We ate supper that night in Dahlonega at the famous Smith House, and then went back to the cabin for some rest. Aunt Lee brought the kids all kinds of nice goodies, and crafts to make. They enjoyed decorating trick or treat buckets, and playing with Jeffrey before bedtime.

At 7am my Diddy woke everyone with an old Army cadence (!!!), and so we were up, dressed and out in time to go to the top of Amicolola Falls for breakfast at the Lodge. We love this place, and go back every time we make it up to the cabin.

From there, it was back to town for the Gold Rush Days festival, and then to the cabin to pack up. We stopped off by Cane Creek Falls, right there by the cabin, on our way out for the kids to play around in the creek and take some more pictures... if you haven't noticed, I am never without my camera.

I was hoping to show yall more pictures of the weekend , but my internet connection (via the lovely satellite) is really slow today... maybe tomorrow for wordless wednesday I will be able to post some more. Some are really sweet, and I love that I got some great shots of the cousins together...

We had a wonderful weekend with our families and have lots of good memories... Aunt Lucy's cabin is full of them for Geoff, and for the past six years I have many as well. I love knowing our children are making some they will remember and treasure as long as their Daddy has.

It is a beautiful and special place...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I am Still Here...

I've just been taken back on a trip through college, via Facebook! Seriously, that isn't the only thing that has kept me away from this place, but it has taken up some of my "free" time... I found a few of my old albums and have been scanning in pictures to upload on my page there. My sorority sisters and I have been laughing and poking fun at our big hair and bows, huge RayBan sunglasses and choice of clothing.

Hey, it was the early 90's!

This is my best friend from GSU, and also my ADPi Big Sis, Laura. I met her during rush week, and we have been the best of friends ever since. She cheered for Southern, and I was on the majorette line, so we enjoyed many years of great Eagle football games together...

She commented on a picture of us at my Bid Day (on Facebook) that we have known each other now for almost 19 years, which is half of our lives or more! In those 19 years we have hit many of the ups and downs of our lives together, whether across country or in the same place, we have a strong friendship that I am so thankful for. We have laughed, cried, giggled and just been there through it all... when we have the opportunity to see each other (she lives in sunny California now!) it's as if we haven't even been apart, and that is something special that I treasure.

During rush a year or so later, Laura also introduced me to the girl who would become my ADPi Lil Sis, Angie... they are from the same hometown. Angie and I became very close too, and she has also been a best friend to me in college and to this day... she lives way up in Atlanta, but we too can catch up just like it was yesterday.

Our sorority was close, and I have really enjoyed the walk down "memory lane" with everyone's pictures. It's been fun to remember things, and we hope to plan a reunion next year at Homecoming. I was also a Sigma Nu Little Sister, and so catching up with many of those guys has been lots of fun too!

Facebook was not the only thing keeping me from this blog, though.... unfortunately Cub has been sick, and I have still been under the gun with all the things my mouth (and heart, truth be told) said "yes, I'll be happy to do", and my head is screaming "Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!"

I'm working on that... it's a tough thing to say "no" when you really want to help!

This weekend is our trip up to the N. Georgia mountains, Geoff's Aunt's cabin and the pupmkin patch with the kids and our family... I am really looking forward to this trip, and just hope everyone is well by Friday and ready to go!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Revisiting the Old Dream House

My Momma is awesome... she had the forethought to save my Barbie Dream House, pool, motor home, corvette and accessories. She also saved the Barbie Fashion Plaza and escalator, but that is still at her house being cleaned up.

Elizabeth is sittin' in high cotton right about now.

Actually, EJ is at school, but I just got this all set up for her. She helped Momma get it down from their attic yesterday, and Geoff brought it all over here to our house, so she is already aware of it... but I think when she sees it all spread out she will be thrilled.

Cub is, I know... he's been driving Batman and Spiderman all around the house this morning in the Barbie corvette.

Here it is, in all it's 1970's glory! Look at all that orange and yellow on the house... the furniture is screaming seventies, with striped chairs and sofa, but I didn't get a close up shot of that. I did get a good little picture of all the itty bitty tiny pieces that Momma actually salvaged and kept, though. She managed to keep at least two full sets of the dinnerware - look at those tiny forks, spoons and knives!

I am so impressed, and so thankful!

The shower on this pool set actually worked too, and due to a bit of dry rot (!), a plastic piece that makes it work is broken at the moment... but soon we'll have it back and ready for Barbie to shower off after her swim.

What fun my best friends and I had with this stuff when we were kids... I can't wait to play Barbies again with Elizabeth this afternoon!

Friday, October 3, 2008

She'll Love This One Day...

Yesterday I went to the elementary school to take pictures for the kids yearbook... oh, how I wish I could post some of those great moments, but I wouldn't dare.

Instead, I'll show yall this picture of my daughter at lunch... notice the Dorito orange colored lips. (I am not a fan of those chips, but my family loves them...)

Oh yes, and of course, that silly apple grin!

This picture shows just a tiny part of the antics I observed while at the lunch table with Elizabeth's kindergarten class. I have been to eat lunch with her on many occasions now, and have been in and out of their classroom taking pictures, so I think they are just comfortable enough to let loose a bit...

Food was switching and swapping around like crazy, and all with no regard to how many kids touched it before they popped it in their mouths... ick! They had not a care in the world... fruit roll ups became sticky balls that got rolled down the table and back up the other side, and one guy tried to stuff his sandwich bread up his nose, but "Miss" Angela had to put a whammy on that.

The teacher's were not falling down on their jobs at all, mind you, but these kids are quick... they know when they can get by with it. I was enlightened by being included in their "inner circle", and began to remember back when I was in kindergarten.

That would be over 30 years ago...

It was actually great fun to sit among them yesterday, listening to their banter and watching the havoc ensue. I giggled like a 5 year old at some of the knock knock jokes they told, and tried hard to ignore the many food swaps.

It was also nice to see that my daughter is participating and enjoying herself at school... sometimes she is so shy, and when around other people she will become very quiet, and hide behind my legs if I am around. I saw none of that yesterday, except for when I had to leave. The tears fell, and she clung to me until I promised her it wouldn't be long before I picked her up from school.

As I walked out of the lunchroom door, I looked back for reassurance that she was going to be okay. There she was, already trading apple slices with her friend. She caught my eye and gave me a big 'ol apple grin as she waved a goodbye.
Happy Friday, Yall!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We are going to a great country fair tomorrow, one we never miss...

A tiny clarification: Yes, she is in a princess nightgown in the above picture! Yesterday was "Wear Your Pajamas Day"...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Am Up To My Eyes in Laundry...

...and dishes, and kids activities, and a thousand other little obligations I made in earnest, but as a habitual procrastinator (!), and one tired Mommy, I am beginning to feel the pressure.

So, I am just going to get to it... as soon as I finish this one little tiny blog post.

Priorities, yall!

Anyone else overextend themselves and then stress when there is too much to do?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Our sweet little girl... I blinked and she was five.
She's growing up so fast!
I want to remember moments like this forever...

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Tag, You're It!

I have been tagged a few times for this meme, and so here are 6 Wierd Things About Me...
Please do not hold them against me, as it was way to easy to come up with six!

1.) I do not eat meat, yet I grew up in the country, on a "farm" and all the men in our family hunt... I quit eating red meat/pork while in high school, have never really eaten fish (now that IS a long story for another post!), and I stopped eating chicken and any other meat my freshman (sophomore?) year of college. Period. I don't even like chicken broth, or anything flavored/smoked. Icky! But I do not eat tofu either... never have!

2.) I am part of the eighth generation to live in this county where Small Town, GA. is located, and the third generation to live on the same property. But I have also lived in Boston, Colorado, New Jersey, Florida, Costa Rica, and Whitehorse, Canada... in the Yukon Territory - all as a flight attendant for charters or Delta.

3.) I love the show LOST... I do not ever miss an episode, and I will not answer the phone when the show is on. If I did, I might miss something really important, yall... I'm not being rude, I promise! And, yes, I also tivo all the shows and will go back over them later... and, all that to say is I am still lost!

4.) I like my Diet Coke cold, and over ice... so much better that way. Even better if the ice is soft and easy to crunch! When I was pregnant with my children that is what I craved the most.

5.) I don't like it, but I am a sap. I am sentimental, and "cry" at little things... it drives me crazy! I can watch a hallmark commercial and tear up. Oh, and along with this I am soft-hearted, especially for children and animals... very, very much so! Just ask my husband!

6.) Right out of college I went west and worked on a ranch up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado... I didn't have a TV, and seldom listened to the radio. If I had not missed my family and friends so much at home, I would have made my home there. Have you ever heard the wind as it blows through Aspen trees? It's awesome!

Now, I'd like to mention the great pals that tagged me for this fun meme... first was my Sis in Law, Reynie at God, Do You Hear This Southern Girl Rambling?, and then a new, yet familiar friend from The Hinesley House, and last but not least another new pal from The Mommy Rambles.

Here are the rules:
1.) Post the rules on your blog...
2.) Write 6 random things about yourself...
3.) Tag 6 people...
4.) Please pass it along for fun!

Okay, so I tag...

1. Walk on the Sunny Side of the Street
2. Baseballs and Bows
3. Zip and Tizzy
4. Here to There
5. A Mothers Place (Come on Ang! It's fun...)
6. YOU!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Cotton Candy, Ice Cream and Funnel Cakes

Last night we went to the County Fair... Geoff, Elizabeth, Cub, Momma and myself. It was a lot of fun, and we all enjoyed the cotton candy, bucket 'o fries, ice cream and rides. The kids picked up ducks to "win" a prize, and fished for sharks to win yet another prize.

Oh yeah, and at one game we gambled with quarters, putting them on our favorite colored circles, then a mouse decided if we won or not... he was a cute mouse, but we lost.

We came home with two plastic swords, two princess crowns, a "pow pow" gun and a sheet of princess stickers, but it was the fun they had in winning them that counted. The grins on their faces and sweet laughter was worth a million bucks (probably what we all forked out throughout the evening!)... the fair was a huge success.

The kids favorite ride of the whole fair was the High Jump... Elizabeth said she "felt like Tinkerbelle" she flew so high into the sky, and Cub declared he was "going REAL high like Spiderman"...

In fact, there were so many great pictures that I couldn't choose between many of them... I had to, or this post would have been way too long, so here are the ones that made the cut! Geoff took many of these with a cool setting on the camera...

Have a great weekend, yall - we are going to a family reunion at the lake!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

In Target, You Must Obey

This afternoon I picked up Cub from his preschool class as usual. We have about an hour and a half until Elizabeth gets out of school, so I ran an errand for Momma.

First, let me set the scene a little bit... I dread taking the kids with me in Target, WalMart or anywhere with a toy section. Just the thought of new toys in the vicinity gets them all worked up, and then the pleading proceeds.

"Can I go see the toys?"

This begins as I park the car...

Today I wrangled my growing three year old boy into one of the buggies, and tried to ignore the ever growing chant of "Mommy, please may I go to toys?" At least he was polite as he got increasingly louder with his begging.

I knew it would be a mistake, but we had some time to kill, so I indulged him in a trip to the toy section... with the understanding that he was not getting a toy today.

"Okay, Mommy... I look with my eyes, not my hands!" he says, already spotting the "boy" isle. Even better, I think, as I giggled to myself that he can repeat what I often say in stores with fragile items, like antique malls.

Of course he wants out of the buggy, and immediately begins mashing every button on every toy he can find... his favorite thing was the Incredible Hulk hands that you use to punch folks with. We will not be buying those, ever... it's got "trouble" written all over them, as he'd try to fight with Sissy, who would not enjoy it in the least.

As he went into toy overload, I ask him about his day at school. Usually I don't get too much of a response, except to tell me all about his snack, or the fun he had on the playground.

Today, he says " We must obey."

Wow! I perk up and ask, "That's right, Cub. Where did you learn that?"

"My teacher says we should obey God, and our Mommy, and Daddy."

"That's great son... did she read you a Bible verse about that?" I ask, very pleased he is learning about God at school, and remembering some of the Bible verses.

"Yes... but I think I am not going to obey today. I looked with my hands and I want that "Credible Huk man".

Oh well, at least he was listening, and he sure was cute as I put him back in that buggy, without the Incedible Hulk man, and went to the front of the store. To his credit he didn't pitch a huge fit, but crossed his little arms and stuck his lips way out.

I did get him a little pack of gum at the register for his restraint in throwing that huge fit brewing inside of him...

In Target, we must obey...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Guess I Must Be an Addict...

Ahhh! Our internet is again up and running... I understand the modem was not working properly, and so if we got any internet access at all, it was S-L-O-W and very unreliable. And, mind you, we have a satellite, so it's not usually all that fast to begin with.

I can deal with that as I realize we live in a small place... if we really wanted cable it would cost a lot of $$$ ($12, 244.00) just to get it to the house.

Yikes! No thank you.

I learned through this ordeal that I have come to depend on the internet... not in a "I am tied to it all day long" kinda way (as if that is even possible with two children wanting/needing attention), but since beginning this blog I have enjoyed having a place to put my thoughts, and share what the kids are up to. Not being able to communicate through this outlet was surprisingly more than a bit frustrating, and I am glad to have it back again.

Thanks for all the well wishes on our anniversary last weekend... Geoff and I went to the mountains while my parents kept the kids. This is where we went on our honeymoon, to his Aunt's cabin, and this is a place he has grown up going. All the pictures on this post are from our trip, and the pumpkin patch we take Elizabeth and Cub to every year. We discovered it during our honeymoon, and have returned every October for family pictures. That fun trip is in a few short weeks!

We scouted out some of these big pumpkins for our yard this year. Now, if they are still around when we return it will be a miracle!

Last week I also joined Facebook, after a lot of nudging from some of my friends and family... now I can't believe it took me so long! Talk about something addicting... I highly reccommend it for getting back in touch with friends from high school and college. My ADPi sorority sisters and I have enjoyed it so much we are getting a reunion together ... we had a close group of girls and seeing what everyone is up to now is wonderful. Not having a reliable way to check that was frustrating too, especially as I had just signed up...

My Momma got a new car last week as well - a 2008 King Ranch Ford Expedition. The kids are so excited that they want Momma to drive them everywhere... I'm gonna milk this for all it's worth! Not that she minds anyway, she would go to the moon for them, but it's kinda nice to not be running them around to everything.

In all my rambling I forgot to say thank you to my husband for the previous post... he made up the sign and "hijacked" this blog (with my blessings!) to post of our internet troubles... maybe I'll make a blogger of him yet?!

I look forward to catching up with everyone!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pardon the Interruption.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to my wonderful world of internet difficulties... We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please know that the experts at Sunflower Hill are working diligently to rectify the problem.

Ya'll have a great day (week, depending on HughesNet!).

Friday, September 19, 2008

Our 6th Anniversary

Wow... it's been 6 years this Sunday that Geoff and I finally tied the knot!

We have actually known each other, well, forever really... and as most know by now, he was my high school sweetheart. We started "going together"when we were 13 years old! We also dated some in college, and then a little after as well... there for awhile our paths took us in much different directions, but 2001 was a turning point in our lives. A year later, on September 21, 2002, we said "I do" in front of our family and friends in his childhood church, and the name I practiced writing on all my high school notebooks, yearbooks and letters was actually mine!

We both cried as we said our vows, and I have never been so sure of making the right decision in my entire life.

Happy 6th Anniversary Hon... I love you!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

If you don't know this one by heart, go check it out... it's a beautiful message that could really change your life!

For other mostly wordless pictures, visit 5 Minutes for Mom!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Cub's Glass of Fun

On Saturday night Geoff and I went to a Trisha Yearwood concert with our great friends, the Curtis's... it was a lot of fun, and we really enjoyed the evening.

When we packed our cooler for the concert, Geoff tried a new experiment... he got a huge hunk of dry ice to put in the bottom of the cooler to help keep the ice we put on top of it from melting. This particular cooler is a backpack type, and when the ice melts it tends to get messy for whoever carries it.

For the record, he liked the dry ice idea... it worked great, and our beer was ice cold, just perfect!

But, the real fun came yesterday afternoon. When Cub got up from his nap, Geoff got a glass of water and put a little of the dry ice in there. When it first bubbled up and the smoke began, Cub was a bit scared ... but after he saw Daddy blowing on it and making it look so cool, he wanted to try!

He had a great time with that glass of water and dry ice!

Okay, yes I know... dry ice is dangerous, and is not a "toy"... he was monitored at all times while holding the glass, and was told twenty million bajillion times by Mommy and Daddy not to touch the ice or the water.

(But he was such a good boy, and absolutely loved the smoke effect!)

Please, don't let your kids try it alone...

There, I feel better!