Monday, October 27, 2008

Anyone Know a Dentist?

I couldn't resist... this was too funny. But since I am showing you Cub's picture, I will also show yall mine as well.

Scary, huh? Nothing like fair play!

Plus, he'll see this one day, and by then he will probably be much bigger than me.

We went back to Aunt Reynie's house to visit last Friday. She has a toy cabinet that the kids all love to get in and pull everything out... this time Cub pulled out a new box of these play teeth. (I think Aunt Reynie has been shopping!) He was very intrigued, and brought them over to me to open.

As soon as I pulled them out of the package Cub grabbed one... it took a little bit of coaxing, and me trying on the pair you see above, but he put the teeth in his mouth. He got a kick out of it, and thank goodness I'd slipped the camera to Reynie, because she got a great shot of the fun.

Elizabeth came over to the couch, and after watching Cub and Mommy try on some of the teeth, I could tell she really wanted to as well. She got a pair in her hand, and half way to mouth, but it was a no go... there were just too many people watching her. She is very concious lately of looking "silly", or anyone laughing at her, so even though she really wanted to try it, she decided not to.

I have so much to catch up on here! Last week I visited with EJ's kindergarten class again, and this past weekend we went to South Georgia to see and ride on Thomas the Train! I have lots of great pictures to share, and may be back later in the day to post again.

But, at the moment I have to get Cub and myself dressed and head into town to run some errands... it's those priorities again, getting in the way of my storytelling!

I'll leave on this note... Cub is running around here this morning with his Darth Vader mask and cape, cowboy boots, underwear and play shotgun. He's "shootin the bad guys" and "takin care of Mommy"...

My little hero!


Jillian said...
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Reynie said...

Cub is such a little cutie! I can see him in the mask and boots. He loves those boots!

Simply Stork said...

I love those crazy teeth...we have a some that float around here too...they are too funny (lol)


wfbdoglover said...

Those are cute! What a great aunt!

Prasti said...

LOL! those teeth are great. and you're brave to put one of you on there :)

Tina Leigh said...

Wow! Now thats a nice grill yall got there!! LOL!!! FUN!

Angie said...

Ummmm...I work for a dentist. Call for an appointment immediately!
Cute pics!