Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Trip to the Cabin

This weekend was our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch up in the North Geaorgia mountains... for a little bit I was afraid we weren't going to make it.

Last week Cub got a stomach virus that was going around, and missed two more days of "playschool". As usual, I caught it on Thursday, and was in bed all day... if someone you know gets it, run like crazy. It is an awful experience...

I wasn't sure on Friday if I was going to get us all packed and ready, but I kept at it, stopping along the way to sit on the couch to stop the room from spinning around, and around, and around.... ugh!

When Geoff got home, and as we were getting the bags packed into Momma and Diddy's Expedition, Momma got dizzy and nauseous... like I said, just run if you even think someone has it. Save yourself, the sick friend/family member will understand.

Momma was a trooper, and better woman than I, and brought herself a little trash can for the ride up to Diddy's office to pick him up. It was there they decided to take Diddy's car, just in case they needed to go home... the kids were oblivious to the adults plight, and kept asking over and over that dreaded question-

"When are we gonna be there?"

Oh yes, the beginning of this trip wasn't the best as memories go, but it sure wasn't forgettable!

We did make it up to Dahlonega and Aunt Lucy's cabin that night, and settled in. Nana, Lee (Geoff's sister) and her son Jeffrey were coming early in the morning, and it didn't take much for everyone to fall fast asleep.

Saturday morning we dressed, and Momma was feeling better... we met up with the others at the local McDonald's for a quick breakfast, and then off to the pumpkin patch we went.

I must back track a bit to the part where we got dressed. Every year Mom and I look for something really cute for the kids to wear for their pumpkin pictures. Usually I find it at the country fair a couple of weeks ago, but this year we got something from a trunk show at my cousins... adorable outfits. EJ loved hers, no problem... but my world was rocked when I was dressing my son and he refused the collored shirt that went with his matching outfit!


Oh well... I knew it would happen one day, but at 3 years old?! He's still my baby, right?

So, I had to get a turtleneck to put under his jonjon... and when I put on the jonjon, it was inches to short. It was almost more than I could handle, but decided he was gonna wear it anyhow. It looked almost as if it was supposed to be that way... kinda.

As usual Burt's Farm was full of families taking pictures, picking out pumpkins and enjoying the fall weather. The line for the hayride was around the entire back of the place, so we didn't attempt it... the kids were pretty good to take some pictures, but as soon possible they were done with that too.

I surrender! My babies are growing up. Elizabeth was way more interested in her cousin Jeffrey's ipod than I ever imagined she would be, and Cub was thrilled with his Star Wars toys. What happened to Toy Story 2?!

After we had as much fun as we could stand at the pumpkin patch, we headed to the apple orchard. The kids picked apples, watched the honey bees working to make the delicious honey, played in the petting zoo, and shot apples at targets with the high powered apple shooter... they loved that!

We ate supper that night in Dahlonega at the famous Smith House, and then went back to the cabin for some rest. Aunt Lee brought the kids all kinds of nice goodies, and crafts to make. They enjoyed decorating trick or treat buckets, and playing with Jeffrey before bedtime.

At 7am my Diddy woke everyone with an old Army cadence (!!!), and so we were up, dressed and out in time to go to the top of Amicolola Falls for breakfast at the Lodge. We love this place, and go back every time we make it up to the cabin.

From there, it was back to town for the Gold Rush Days festival, and then to the cabin to pack up. We stopped off by Cane Creek Falls, right there by the cabin, on our way out for the kids to play around in the creek and take some more pictures... if you haven't noticed, I am never without my camera.

I was hoping to show yall more pictures of the weekend , but my internet connection (via the lovely satellite) is really slow today... maybe tomorrow for wordless wednesday I will be able to post some more. Some are really sweet, and I love that I got some great shots of the cousins together...

We had a wonderful weekend with our families and have lots of good memories... Aunt Lucy's cabin is full of them for Geoff, and for the past six years I have many as well. I love knowing our children are making some they will remember and treasure as long as their Daddy has.

It is a beautiful and special place...


Stephanie said...

Sounds like ya'll had a great weekend. We are planning to go to Burt's Farm one year. Miss you. Will be at Reynie's on Friday afternoon to take pictures, come over and visit.

Prasti said...

sounds like you had a fun weekend with the family. those pumpkins are huge!

hope you're feeling back to 100% (and your mom too!).

Reynie said...

Can't wait to see pixs! Sounds like everyone had a good time. I cna hear big un waking you all up at 7! Funny.

Zip n Tizzy said...

Sounds sweet. Glad you are all feeling better. There is nothing like the flu!

Tina Leigh said...

I do hope you show more pictures...of each place if you can. I am very interested. I wish I could go....maybe one year I will. I hope everyone is feling better.