Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pretty in Pink

EJ is in high cotton... and it's all pink!

I am almost done in her room now, and yesterday after she came home from kindergarten she was grinning from ear to ear! We have moved her furniture back in, and I am slowly putting all her STUFF back in now too.

Can I tell yall a little secret?
Not everything is going back in...

She will never know... and I am not going to junk up with too much STUFF.

This is the fun part now though! I sure am glad the painting is over, for the moment anyhow. The rest of our house is calling to me, but I am going room by room, and Cub's is next! He's getting a cool "fort" in his dormer and he wants a ladder....

Hmmmm... I need to get off this computer and get moving. So much to do and so little time!

I'll post pics of her room soon!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Painting and TBall... TBall and Painting

Quite the pair, right?

Sure, I should/could have added in many other things to my title, but these are the two main things at the top of my head at the moment.

Stay with me, though. I tend not to focus much lately, so who knows where this post will end up? For now I will stick to painting and tball... besides, if anything else does come to mind I will not have any pictures available to upload for show and tell!

For weeks now we have had more chaos in the house than our usual dose. We have been remodeling EJ's room and it's dragged on longer than I expected... here is the color scheme for her "Princess" room, and let me tell yall - it is PINK!

We had Big Randy and his guys come in to put up beadbord, shelves and get it all ready for us to paint. That was before Easter... we'd moved ALL of EJ's furniture and toys from her room into Cub's room, and the upstairs hallway.

Okay, just for a second let me tell yall how unbelievably messy Cub's room is right now! And, everything is now all mixed together too... the Little Pet Shop pets are fraternizing with Buzz Lightyear and Woody. Her American Doll Bitty Baby "Scarlett" is getting friendly with Thomas the Train and friends... I do not know if I will ever get thir stuff all straightened back out.

Anyhow, I am coming to the end of this painting business... one more coat on the beadboard and delicately painting the crown molding and I am done!

Cub is playing TBall this spring for the first time and loving it!

Well, honestly he loves to bat and run the bases, but he isn't so keen on playing in the outfield.
He says that it is "boring because the ball never ever ever comes my way Mommy!"

I am not concerned as he is only 3 1/2, and tball is designed to be an introductory game to playing when they are bigger... besides, he is just too dern cute in his uniform!

See! He was so proud to put it on, the first night he slept in it. The next day he had to wear the shirt and hat to PreK too! At practice he was learning to run bases and the coach said to "touch base" as he went around. My sweet little boy bent down at every base and "touched" it with his hands... it was SO very cute, and my heart leapt, but I was also afraid everyone laughing would hurt his feelings. Cub is kinda sensative, but that boy was so excited about running bases it never fazed him one bit!

Time to go put the babies in bed and paint some more... or, maybe I'll just take it easy tonight and watch American Idol?!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Starting Over... Again.

It's Spring!
Gracious yall... where does the time go?
Since my last post (3 months ago? Really?) so much has happened I will never catch it up here... but here goes a small try in a nutshell...
EJ's room - remodeling! PINK, pink pink... pictures soon. Hopefully anyway... gonna try AGAIN to blog regularly...
Sis in Law Reynie and brother Billy... pregnant w/ a girl (!) who will join us this August!
Mother in Law, Nana, moving home from Charleston... what a blessing and joy for our family. =)
Another Tax Season done, and my Daddy, a CPA, is now free to go antique shopping with me once again!
Easter and Spring Break behind us now... Geoff played the Roman Centurion in our church Easter drama, "The Empty Tomb" and I was the costume coordinator... the kids loved having their cousin Jeffrey here, as well as Aunt Lee!
The flu hit our house like a ton of bricks. Three weeks of it between the 4 of us. I was last, but it kicked my tail... nasty virus that flu!
Back and forth to town way too many times to count for a thousand trips to the pediatrician, EJ's dance, Cub's pre k classes and now adding in Tball practice/games... taxi anyone?!
Of course there is always Wal-Mart, Target and the grocery store - mini scenes full of kid drama over a toy or something chocolate...
Too many funerals of some well loved family friends. I know they are now at peace with our Lord and Saviour in heaven.
Rain. And then more rain... and more! We cannot be in a drought any longer. Impossible!
And SO much more... it's getting late, and I am tired. I will again make a promise to myself to do better with my blog and I hope that I can keep that promise this time!
Goodnight yall!