Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Favorite Artwork...

I treasure the artwork my kids bring home from school. I save it all, which will be a problem when they are older and I have stuff of theirs from PreK 3, but for now I keep everything!

Here are the latest masterpieces from my little "Picasos"...

Elizabeth made this leaf project in kindergarten. I love all the work she put into it, and the pretty fall colors. She said the best part was getting to glue it all together, and I believe it.

Give the girl a bottle of glue, scissors and some paper, and who needs a babysitter?!

Cub came home with this turkey today... it's so cute!

On each feather are things he is thankful for, which I just love! If you will notice, on the last yellow one, at the bottom, it reads "my big boy bed"...

Now, if only he would sleep in it through the whole night!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cub's New Big Boy Bed

Time sure does fly doesn't it?

My children are just growing up so fast. I remember nights when I rocked my son for hours trying to get him to go to sleep in his crib... with awful reflux issues (oh, the posts I could write on childhood reflux... both our children had/have it) sleep was a real novelty in our house for years.

As a matter of fact, both our kids "slept", and I use that term lightly, in their car seats, in their bassinet/crib for a good long while. It was the only way I found they would sleep for a couple hours at the time... I think it worked b/c they were sitting upright, and their condition was better when they were not laying down.

Just remembering all those endless, worried nights is making me a bit anxious...

Anyhow, for about a year now Cub has been in his toddler bed, which was really his crib with a side off. It has worked splendidly, and he usually slept well there. I knew it was getting time for him to move into a real big boy bed, but had been putting it off as I want my little man to be a baby forever.

Yes, forever... he's just too cute at 3 right now!

Last week Momma found a great deal on a mattress and box springs at Macy's, called me, bought them and they were delivered Saturday. Last night Geoff went out to our storage and got out his childhood bed. It's a cannon ball bed, and will look great in Cub's room once it has a nice coat or two of navy paint on it!

Plus, it being Daddy's "big boy bed" will be a special touch for him.

Until I paint it, though, we went ahead and set up the frame, box spring, and mattress. He has a nice new set of airplane sheets, and I am looking for a cool quilt to be the cover. Aunt Betty Jo made him the airplane blanket that I threw over the top last night, and both kids decided they wanted to sleep there... together.

Again, "sleep" being the key word... notsomuch.

I put a big damper on that as it was a school night, but maybe I should have let EJ sleep with him... he was up and down the stairs all night, climbing into our bed and hugging up to me.

Sweet, yes?! I think so too, but not good for me getting any sleep, as he has to have his hand wrapped around my heart necklace and he isn't a very still sleeper... I took him back up the stairs twice, all the while remembering those foggy first years of babyhood. Up and down those steps... up and down... over and over...

I even remember very well the places I needed to step in order for the stairs to not creak. Good heavens, I didn't want to wake up EJ too!

Maybe tonight they can have a slumber party in his room... whatever works still applies for this sleepy Mommy!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another Little Ditty From the Princess

Tomorrow, my husband Geoff will be ordained as a Deacon in our church. I tell you this because I am very proud of him, and because it pertains to this little ditty that I ran downstairs to write about quickly... Before I forget how precious it was, how grown up my first baby is becoming and how I giggled as I shut her bedroom door.

Tonight, just minutes ago, while putting Elizabeth to bed, I told her to get a good nights rest as tomorrow was an important day for her Daddy.

"Why?" she asked.

"Daddy will become a Deacon in our church, and we'll have lots of family and friends there." I said.

I could see her processing this new word, Deacon... she had listened in earlier as Geoff explained it to her 10 year old cousin Jeffrey, and I knew things were still fuzzy as to what it all meant, and what will happen at church.

"It's a nice thing!" I added quickly, as I saw her brow scrunch up in thought. "Our church likes Daddy and wants him to be a leader and help others."

"Why do they want Daddy to do that?" she asked with the curious tone she now has down pat... "He's married to us already."

Out of the mouth of one sweet little princess, straight to her Mommy's blog!

Good night Yall!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh! I Just Want to Keep Them this Age Forever!

Tuesdays are a tough day for us... it's a school day for both of the kids (and Cub's is at a church in town, 25 minutes away), and then Elizabeth has ballet and tap class... back in town. It's back and forth to town 3 times...

Cub doesn't usually get a nap, which is always a bad situation, and tensions can run high by the time dance class is over.

I usually have a nice headache by this time too, and there is still supper, homework (in kindergarten yall!!!!) baths and bed ahead of us.

Last Tuesday Elizabeth and I were having one of those "Mother-Daughter" moments, and Cub was listening in with full attention. I have no idea what we were arguing over either... but it was becoming a little heated. EJ is very headstrong, and right now if I say "No", she says "Yes"... so we have some trouble in the communication department.

Oh the joys of keeping my cool, and trying not to yell. It's an art form I am perfecting lately.

So, after the whinning, and EJ crying, and my continued effort to keep things to a dull roar, I say that the arguing is over, no more discussion, and that is IT!

Cub pipes up from his car seat "Yall are breaking my heart!" I look back, trying not to giggle, and he has his arms crossed over his chest and his lips are poked way out, like his feelings were just stomped on, yet he wasn't even in trouble!

What a cutie pie!

Momma (my Mother) had a migraine headache over the weekend, and it was a really bad one. Have yall ever had one of these? I get them too, and it's miserable...

Anyway, Elizabeth was very sad she couldn't go see Momma, and so at night when she said her prayers she would ask God "to help make my Momma feel better from the bad 'ol headache".

On Monday Momma went to the Dr., who gave her a shot and some pills to help it go away. On Tuesday she felt much better, and even helped at our local poll location, so the kids didn't see her at all on Tuesday either.

Yesterday morning was like a reunion as Momma came to pick up EJ and take her to kindergarten (I am so blessed to have her help me... she loves to take the kids to school sometimes)... Elizabeth ran over, gave her the biggest hug and said...

"Momma, I prayed to God that your headache would go away. Do you feel better?"

Mom replied she felt great, and how sweet that the prayer was...

EJ then said "Yes, after I said my prayers God helped my words go up to Him, and then right on over to your house to hug you, and make you better."

What tears I felt well up at that!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008