Monday, November 17, 2008

Cub's New Big Boy Bed

Time sure does fly doesn't it?

My children are just growing up so fast. I remember nights when I rocked my son for hours trying to get him to go to sleep in his crib... with awful reflux issues (oh, the posts I could write on childhood reflux... both our children had/have it) sleep was a real novelty in our house for years.

As a matter of fact, both our kids "slept", and I use that term lightly, in their car seats, in their bassinet/crib for a good long while. It was the only way I found they would sleep for a couple hours at the time... I think it worked b/c they were sitting upright, and their condition was better when they were not laying down.

Just remembering all those endless, worried nights is making me a bit anxious...

Anyhow, for about a year now Cub has been in his toddler bed, which was really his crib with a side off. It has worked splendidly, and he usually slept well there. I knew it was getting time for him to move into a real big boy bed, but had been putting it off as I want my little man to be a baby forever.

Yes, forever... he's just too cute at 3 right now!

Last week Momma found a great deal on a mattress and box springs at Macy's, called me, bought them and they were delivered Saturday. Last night Geoff went out to our storage and got out his childhood bed. It's a cannon ball bed, and will look great in Cub's room once it has a nice coat or two of navy paint on it!

Plus, it being Daddy's "big boy bed" will be a special touch for him.

Until I paint it, though, we went ahead and set up the frame, box spring, and mattress. He has a nice new set of airplane sheets, and I am looking for a cool quilt to be the cover. Aunt Betty Jo made him the airplane blanket that I threw over the top last night, and both kids decided they wanted to sleep there... together.

Again, "sleep" being the key word... notsomuch.

I put a big damper on that as it was a school night, but maybe I should have let EJ sleep with him... he was up and down the stairs all night, climbing into our bed and hugging up to me.

Sweet, yes?! I think so too, but not good for me getting any sleep, as he has to have his hand wrapped around my heart necklace and he isn't a very still sleeper... I took him back up the stairs twice, all the while remembering those foggy first years of babyhood. Up and down those steps... up and down... over and over...

I even remember very well the places I needed to step in order for the stairs to not creak. Good heavens, I didn't want to wake up EJ too!

Maybe tonight they can have a slumber party in his room... whatever works still applies for this sleepy Mommy!


Reynie said...

Cub is getting so big now with his big boy bed! How sweet is that? Just love it!

magnolia mama said...

How cute! My boys have those PB kids airplane sheets. And oh the reflux. Carlitos had it bad and slept on a wedge. He even had surgery...I don't miss those days!!!

Prasti said...

they look cute in the bed together. hope you get more sleep tonight!

mamajil said...

cute pic!! Its so hard getting them use to the big kid bed!! Around here I feel like we play musical beds...I am always amazed how my kids will pile into each others some point in the night. Sam and sawyer both have twin beds but they creep into each others bed and fall asleep talking just about every night. Ruby climbs in with Madeline and Riley will either climb in with Madeline too or go get in Megan's bed...its nuts! but fun!

well like I said very cute pictures! and Cub,congrats on the big boy bed!! :)