Monday, September 15, 2008

Cub's Glass of Fun

On Saturday night Geoff and I went to a Trisha Yearwood concert with our great friends, the Curtis's... it was a lot of fun, and we really enjoyed the evening.

When we packed our cooler for the concert, Geoff tried a new experiment... he got a huge hunk of dry ice to put in the bottom of the cooler to help keep the ice we put on top of it from melting. This particular cooler is a backpack type, and when the ice melts it tends to get messy for whoever carries it.

For the record, he liked the dry ice idea... it worked great, and our beer was ice cold, just perfect!

But, the real fun came yesterday afternoon. When Cub got up from his nap, Geoff got a glass of water and put a little of the dry ice in there. When it first bubbled up and the smoke began, Cub was a bit scared ... but after he saw Daddy blowing on it and making it look so cool, he wanted to try!

He had a great time with that glass of water and dry ice!

Okay, yes I know... dry ice is dangerous, and is not a "toy"... he was monitored at all times while holding the glass, and was told twenty million bajillion times by Mommy and Daddy not to touch the ice or the water.

(But he was such a good boy, and absolutely loved the smoke effect!)

Please, don't let your kids try it alone...

There, I feel better!


Reynie said...

His little face of total amusment is too cute!

Kelsey said...

Oh what a blast!!!

Prasti said...

too cool! i had my 2 y.o. help me stir soup over an open flame and decided not to take the photo. maybe i should have and posted a disclaimer :).