Monday, September 15, 2008

Thank You Miss Bonnie!

Yesterday was a difficult day for many of us at church... it was Miss Bonnie's last day, and as she was our long time Nursery Leader, we are going to miss her very much!

She has loved on our infants and toddlers for many years. She was with us as our babies began to crawl, cruise, walk and talk...she also helped them transition from her class to the "big boys and girls" Children's Church. Elizabeth was in her room for a couple of years, and Cub has been in her care since his birth.

To show her our great appreciation, the kids in nursery made a handprint garden to give her, and gave her flowers. Then, all the children who have ever been in her class, plus the current children, sang "Jesus Loves Me" in front of the congregation.

Well, they attempted to in any case... but most stood with wide eyes, looking at all the people, or decided to try and climb on the pulpit...

Still, they were cute anyway!

Thank you so much Bonnie - we love you very much, and wish you well!
Bonnie is the wonderful lady on the left, with the black shirt...

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Semi-Slacker Mom said...

That so special! Good nursery workers are hard to come by. I was the nursery coordinator for 6 yrs. & just moved up to Children's Coordinator & my BF took over the nursery & had to hire 2 new workers!