Monday, September 29, 2008

Tag, You're It!

I have been tagged a few times for this meme, and so here are 6 Wierd Things About Me...
Please do not hold them against me, as it was way to easy to come up with six!

1.) I do not eat meat, yet I grew up in the country, on a "farm" and all the men in our family hunt... I quit eating red meat/pork while in high school, have never really eaten fish (now that IS a long story for another post!), and I stopped eating chicken and any other meat my freshman (sophomore?) year of college. Period. I don't even like chicken broth, or anything flavored/smoked. Icky! But I do not eat tofu either... never have!

2.) I am part of the eighth generation to live in this county where Small Town, GA. is located, and the third generation to live on the same property. But I have also lived in Boston, Colorado, New Jersey, Florida, Costa Rica, and Whitehorse, Canada... in the Yukon Territory - all as a flight attendant for charters or Delta.

3.) I love the show LOST... I do not ever miss an episode, and I will not answer the phone when the show is on. If I did, I might miss something really important, yall... I'm not being rude, I promise! And, yes, I also tivo all the shows and will go back over them later... and, all that to say is I am still lost!

4.) I like my Diet Coke cold, and over ice... so much better that way. Even better if the ice is soft and easy to crunch! When I was pregnant with my children that is what I craved the most.

5.) I don't like it, but I am a sap. I am sentimental, and "cry" at little things... it drives me crazy! I can watch a hallmark commercial and tear up. Oh, and along with this I am soft-hearted, especially for children and animals... very, very much so! Just ask my husband!

6.) Right out of college I went west and worked on a ranch up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado... I didn't have a TV, and seldom listened to the radio. If I had not missed my family and friends so much at home, I would have made my home there. Have you ever heard the wind as it blows through Aspen trees? It's awesome!

Now, I'd like to mention the great pals that tagged me for this fun meme... first was my Sis in Law, Reynie at God, Do You Hear This Southern Girl Rambling?, and then a new, yet familiar friend from The Hinesley House, and last but not least another new pal from The Mommy Rambles.

Here are the rules:
1.) Post the rules on your blog...
2.) Write 6 random things about yourself...
3.) Tag 6 people...
4.) Please pass it along for fun!

Okay, so I tag...

1. Walk on the Sunny Side of the Street
2. Baseballs and Bows
3. Zip and Tizzy
4. Here to There
5. A Mothers Place (Come on Ang! It's fun...)
6. YOU!


The Hinesley House said...

I am a die hard LOST fan as well!

My husband used to be a fan but he gave up on it. I can't wait until the season premiere.

Prasti said...

hey! i posted my entry for the meme here. thanks for thinking of was fun to do :)

Reynie said...

It's not weird how obsessed with LOST you are but it's just a problem. Admitting it is the first step! We can put you through a 12 step program for it if need be.

Tina Leigh said...

MEAT!!! OH PLEASE GIVE ME MEAT!! lol! I wish I could do without it but I'm hooked on it.

LOST!?? I'm lost cause I dont have a clue what that show is.

Wish I knew what that wind sounded like up there. Sounds like a good life to me.

Cant help you with the dish washer problem. When we moved on to our land, we bought a trailer before we built our home....I refused to have a dish husband swears that is why all our boys left home because I made them wash dishes! I have one in my house now.
The moral to this story.....
Get your dish washer fixed or your kids may run away!

Angie said...

Hey Angela! Ok...honestly I don't mind being tagged but coming up with things about myself makes me break out in a cold sweat! makes me nervous. ;) Anyway I have done this one before and here is the link to see my answers...kind of corny but I was trying to type with sweaty hands and it was the best I could do!
I think you can just cut and paste that link???
I did see a meme yesterday on another blog that I am going to do and it was about your husbands likes and dislikes. Now, I can handle that one!!!

Alexia said...

I loved LOST, but couldn't handle waiting an entire week for the next episode LOL I need to catch up on the last 2 seasons.

Diet Coke is YUMMY and funnily enough, what I craved when I was preggo too LOL

I cry at commercials too! My little bro was always looking at me and asking "is Allie crying?!?! Why???"

pink green & southern said...

I was addicted to ice too during my last pregnancy. I was told it was a iron deficiency? Not sure if this is true or not but my dentist was furious at me because I chipped two teeth eating it!

Anonymous said...

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