Thursday, September 25, 2008

In Target, You Must Obey

This afternoon I picked up Cub from his preschool class as usual. We have about an hour and a half until Elizabeth gets out of school, so I ran an errand for Momma.

First, let me set the scene a little bit... I dread taking the kids with me in Target, WalMart or anywhere with a toy section. Just the thought of new toys in the vicinity gets them all worked up, and then the pleading proceeds.

"Can I go see the toys?"

This begins as I park the car...

Today I wrangled my growing three year old boy into one of the buggies, and tried to ignore the ever growing chant of "Mommy, please may I go to toys?" At least he was polite as he got increasingly louder with his begging.

I knew it would be a mistake, but we had some time to kill, so I indulged him in a trip to the toy section... with the understanding that he was not getting a toy today.

"Okay, Mommy... I look with my eyes, not my hands!" he says, already spotting the "boy" isle. Even better, I think, as I giggled to myself that he can repeat what I often say in stores with fragile items, like antique malls.

Of course he wants out of the buggy, and immediately begins mashing every button on every toy he can find... his favorite thing was the Incredible Hulk hands that you use to punch folks with. We will not be buying those, ever... it's got "trouble" written all over them, as he'd try to fight with Sissy, who would not enjoy it in the least.

As he went into toy overload, I ask him about his day at school. Usually I don't get too much of a response, except to tell me all about his snack, or the fun he had on the playground.

Today, he says " We must obey."

Wow! I perk up and ask, "That's right, Cub. Where did you learn that?"

"My teacher says we should obey God, and our Mommy, and Daddy."

"That's great son... did she read you a Bible verse about that?" I ask, very pleased he is learning about God at school, and remembering some of the Bible verses.

"Yes... but I think I am not going to obey today. I looked with my hands and I want that "Credible Huk man".

Oh well, at least he was listening, and he sure was cute as I put him back in that buggy, without the Incedible Hulk man, and went to the front of the store. To his credit he didn't pitch a huge fit, but crossed his little arms and stuck his lips way out.

I did get him a little pack of gum at the register for his restraint in throwing that huge fit brewing inside of him...

In Target, we must obey...


mamajil said...

ohhhhh!!!! How big of him! Its really hard to walk away from "Credible Huk man"!! I always cringe at toy isles too!! and also the candy rack as I am trying to unload a buggy load!!

This was a cute story!!! and Seriously what a big boy way of handling his disappointment! :)

Tina Leigh said...

Way to cute!!

Reynie said...

That lip stuck out is too cute! And as Greg said the other night, "if you poke that lip out too far, a bird will come by and poop on it."

Alexia said...

Oh my, that is way too funny!