Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Friday!


What a week... I am so glad to see Friday. Whatever these drugs are that the good Doc gave me to attack the bronchitis are working just fine, and I feel soooo much better than I did a few days ago.

Plus... yesterday, though way too busy, was very productive, interesting, fun in parts and best of all - over.... thank goodness for small miracles.

My article is completed and turned in. Done. I did survive.

Cub likes his teachers, the room, and especially the toy fire engine you will see in the pictures below. He immediately laid total claim on this toy, and I foresee trouble surrounding that situation... I noted from the birthday calendar that he is by far the youngest 3 year old in the class, so I am a tad bit anxious about that.

Maybe it had a little to do with all the yelling he did when anyone tried to touch that little fire engine?

Next, he lined the alphabet blocks up so very nice and pretty, only to take that yellow hammer and pound them all to "time out" and back.

In all seriousness, he was a bit shy when we first arrived, and I know come Tuesday we will both be in tears as I have to leave him for his first day. I really did like his teacher, and she was very convincing for me to give this three day class a try.

But I'm gonna miss him so those three mornings!!!

Ahhhh... motherhood! Who knew how it would tie up your heart strings?

Elizabeth's Open House was last night as well, and she was thrilled to show her Daddy around. As I have said before, she is a "Daddy's Girl" in the making, and boy, I know all about that!

Elizabeth is excelling in kindergarten, of which we are very proud. Her teacher sent home a progress report last week, and EJ is doing very well. She is consistently bringing home "three star work", and we are very proud!

One thing I am wondering about... I understand why the teachers want the children to color inside the lines, but what is the big deal about making sure the picture is completely colored in, without white spots in the coloring?

Regardless, EJ has been practicing a lot, and I can say her coloring is beautiful!

Still, I miss her too... it's that motherhood gene again!

Yall have a wonderful weekend!

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Prasti said...

kids grow up so fast, don't they? it's as if you blink once and they went from a wee baby to an independent little person!

Tina said...

you were above me on the blog train ;)

i love to watch kids play. its the only time they are usually quiet too!

Kelsey said...

Aww they grow so fast!!