Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Present from Nana

I am proud to report that Cub's potty training has been going great this time around. Still, I'm almost scared to say it, so I feel the need to "knock on wood" before he comes in here to tell me he had an accident or something...

It certainly wouldn't be the first time, but all in all he has excelled this go round, and gets "three stars" like Sissy does on her papers from kindergarten.

is so proud!

And, oh my goodness, so are we!

Being potty trained assures him a place at 3 yr preschool, which he is so intent on going to, even though I have some reservations. It's three mornings at the church EJ attended PreK last year, and would give me the opportunity to go grocery shopping in daylight hours, or clean the house, or even substitute teach. But he is my baby, after all... and after watching my first born head off to kindergarten this year (be still my heart), I want to keep him right here with me. Forever.

Ahem. Sorry... I lost my train of thought for a minute.

Oh yes, potty training. Yesterday Cub even took a nap with underwear on, though it was because I forgot to change him into a diaper. He was dry when he got up, and that is usually when when we would have an opportunity for the most "accidents". He gave me a high 5 when he realized what he had (or really, had not) done!

So, yesterday a present came from Nana, just for Cub.

Have yall seen these? It's called a Peter Potty (no joke, and I am not being paid for this... I just had to share), and it is great! See that green button on top? That is the flush, and it really works, which is the best part for Cub (you have to refill it with water every so often)... The one downside is I have to empty the green drawer after he "goes", but it is teaching him how to stand up and tee tee.

Did I just write that?

Sorry, yall... I wouldn't usually say such things in public, only to my girlfriends while our kids played. But I feel comfortable enough here to talk of my baby's potty training, so there it stays. Still, this is a neat way to help potty train a boy, and he thinks it's so cool he remembers to go when he needs to. And sometimes when he doesn't!

Any little bit helps!

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photobug mom said...

That is an awesome gift!!!!

Reynie said...

Can we get one of those for bb? JK!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Potty training is one of those things I'm really not looking forward to ... although it will be nice to not have to change diapers every few hours!

mamajil said...

Wow this is a new one on me!! Wish we had this when my boys were potty training....
Very cool!

Glad he is doing so well with potty training. I need to start Ruby but I really don't want to!!

Prasti said...

that potty is too cool! i've always wondered how you would train boys to go standing up. i'm so glad to hear of your son's success in potty training. i'm sure it's exciting. i don't know if my little one is quite ready yet, even though she understands what it is.

Rebecca said...

I love the potty it is too cool! Maybe he will have better aim with it as he grows older :P

wfbdoglover said...

^5 to Nana - what a cool present! You may have to empty the bowl, but think of all that pee you won't be cleaning up on the floor, bowl, wall etc... Nana loves you, as much as she loves your cub!! :)

Melissa said...

I've never seen one of those. Boys can make an awful mess on the toilet.

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

I have NEVER seen a stand up potty. Nana is pretty darn cool, isn't she!!

Have a wonderful weekend,


Sweet Serendipity said...

This is a totally new one to me. You have one awesome Nana! I will definitely look for one of these when the time comes to train my youngest boy. BTW, your children are absolutely gorgeous!