Tuesday, August 5, 2008

EJ's Kindergarten Orientation

Okay, first of all, when did kids begin getting "jipped" out of a real summer vacation? I am just now really coming to the realization that tomorrow is Elizabeth's first day of Kindergarten. Yep, on August 6th! When I was growing up, right here in this same school district no less, we started school at the very end of August. Then we had a little break at Labor Day.

But August 6th?

As there is nothing that I can do about it at the moment, I did what any Mommy with a 5 year old would do... I freaked out. I spent the morning looking for other alternatives to a full day of kindergarten that begins tomorrow, but at this late date she is on a bunch of long waiting lists.

So, I gathered myself together and got everyone dressed for orientation to be held at noon.

After I dropped Cub off at Momma's, EJ and I headed to the elementary school down the road... we had a bunch of supplies that are required of the students to bring, and so with 3 bags of that in hand we walked into the school.

I have to say I was impressed... as we neared her teacher's room, EJ began to cling a bit more to my legs, but I could see she was interested. The teacher was excellent and very nice - she immediately understood EJ's shyness, and tried to put her at ease. The decor/theme of their class this year is Cowboys and Cowgirls, which is a hit at our house anyhow, so EJ was thrilled with that. I could see her taking it all in, and not soon after she was grinning from ear to ear.

Tomorrow morning will be one of those milestones in her life, as well as my life as a Mommy... I am excited for her, but sad that she is really old enough to go to real school and is such a big girl now. I am praying the length of the day will work out just fine, as I want her to enjoy her after school activities too.

Anyone else out there having issues with back to school? Is everyone starting this early, or is it just us?


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm here from the "Blog Train"!!!

Yes, I have issues with school starting too early, as well. We started on Monday, August 4. We have what is called a balanced schedule. We only get 8 weeks out over the summer, but we do get a week off in September (which is when we are headed to the beach), a week at Thanksgiving, 2 weeks at Christmas, a week in February and Spring Break in April. So all in all it kind of works out. Sorry for the long comment!

Love your sunflower pics! Would love some tips on growing sunflowers. I may try them in my gartden next year.

Jackie @ where the boys are

wfbdoglover said...

The classroom looks so inviting!

We let out of school middle of June. We register August 21 and we start school the Tuesday after Labor Day.

Colleen said...

That *does* seem really early to me, but I haven't been in school for um...a really long time!

Congrats to you and your big girl! Hope she has a great first day of school!