Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sunflowers, Butterflies and Bees

I took some pictures yesterday of the sunflowers.... the fields are not yet in full bloom, and it was mid-day (the sunlight is too bright for the best photos...) but I thought I'd go out and see what I could capture. I will start taking pictures of the kids in them this week...

This butterfly happened to sit down on the very sunflower I had my camera focused on!

This picture with the bee was not so spontaneous... for every sunflower out there, there must be about 5 bees. In fact, to get a few pictures of the sunflowers without bees on them, I always have to shake them off!

Have a great weekend!


Kelsey said...

Gorgeous photos!

Reynie said...

I knew when I came over here you would have sunflower photos! We got home late last night so it was too dark to see them but when I left this morning, they were all sun worshipping! Enjoy them!