Friday, June 13, 2008

If I had a Penny...

If I had a penny for every time my children said "Mommy" I would be a millionaire. And that is just a days worth. It has been a long week... a fun week, and a tiring one, but I bet the kids have said "Mommy" more than ever. I love them, and I love being that "Mommy" they are calling for, but sometimes at the end of a long week I want to change my name to something else!

I think this is my 100th post... I must look to be sure, but this makes 100 times I have sat down to talk about this crazy life we have going on here... I am so excited that I am saving memories for the kids to look back on later, as well as myself!
Update: In one place it says it is my 100th post, in another it could be 91.... since I am not going to stop and count (!), I will go with approximately 100 posts. Works for me!

I realize I am rambling today, but that is kinda the way my day is going...

We will be back at Billy and Reynie's house on Sunday for Father's Day - I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and time spent with the special Daddies in your family!

Happy Father's Day Geoff, Diddy, and Grandpa Choo Choo!!!

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tootie said...

Congrats on your 100th post!

And I hope you'll get that million-dollar check in the mail soon ;) You'll share with us, right? :)