Thursday, June 26, 2008

Grumps and Ferocious

Buzz and Jesse are now about 9 weeks old, and bouncing off the walls. Whew! The other night one of them chewed through a power cord that is part of Geoff's Mac laptop, and also ate one of EJ's most favorite pink crystal embellished flip flops. (And, no, I haven't told her yet... I'll cross that bridge when we get there...)

I am just glad that they weren't electrocuted or choked... but believe you me, before leaving the room we now make doubly sure that there isn't anything of value in their area. The crate works great, but if we are leaving for any stretch of time, I now put them in a bigger pen that my Great Aunt is letting us borrow... they have more room to play around, but they are still contained. This also helps with any "messes" I might have to clean up when we return, but for the most part they will not "mess" in either the crate or the pen... and I love the puppy pads! What a wonderful invention...

This is Buzz... his ears are too cute, and he reminds me of a bunny at this age. His ears stand as tall as he does, and he is our "grump". When you pick him up he never fails to start that low growl, like he is trying to say something, or as if he is grumpy... but he loves it when you rub his belly! He sleeps on his back usually - and the opportunity to love on him then is just too great!

Now, Jesse has a ferocious growl for such a little ball of black hair and eyes, but he's the cuddly one really... he will let you pick him up and hold him more, and he likes us to turn him on his back in your arms, and rock/pet him. The ferocious bark thing is just when he is playing and is really into it - he wants us to think he is bad, but even the kids know better!

Their personalities make them all the more lovable and cute... they have been here 3 weeks now and fit right in our little family!

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