Saturday, June 7, 2008

Puppy Love

The puppies are home, and boy have they stolen all our hearts - already!

I do have one correction from my previous puppy post (say that 10x fast!)... Cub's little pup has had a name change.

You guessed it - the new name is none other than Buzz. So, the duo taking over our living area is now Buzz and Jesse... I could have told yall that was gonna happen. Mommy instinct.

Anyhow - we made it through the day without too much of "Mommy, when are we gonna go to Aunt Peggy's?!"

When Geoff got home there was total pandemonium, and Aunt Reynie was here to attest to that... So, we loaded up and went to get the newest family members. The kids were so excited, and the grins on their faces were priceless... it was worth more than a million dollars to see their faces.

When we got home and got them settled in, the fun began... Buzz and Jesse have quite a lot of personality, and I will be much more at ease when they are crate trained (HELP! Anyone out there got any tips on crate training?!), but they are already a part of our family.

Yes, it was quick, but man are they cute!


Geoff and Buzz


Playful Professional said...

They are so cute!! I want one!

Reynie said...

i forsee many cute puppy pictures coming... they'll make great christmas cards with the kids!