Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sunflower and Corn Fields

The sunflowers and corn are growing, and though I do not want to wish life away, I always look forward to seeing the sunflowers open in the fields. They are so beautiful!

So, this is where we call home... if you follow Reynie's blog (my sis in law) they live close by. My parents do too, and my Aunt and Uncle.

I'm certainly not leaving out the corn... we grow and eat a ton of it here, and it is good! My brother BB is the main farmer, along with my Uncle, and when needed other menfolk in our family, but I want to give credit where credit is due... Thanks Billy and Uncle Milton!

In July, around EJ's birthday, the sunflowers will be in full bloom. They are gorgeous, and I love getting the kids pictures in the middle of them. Then, around Cub's birthday, near the end of the month, the corn will be ready to pull, shuck, cream, blanch, bag and freeze. It isn't my most favorite chore here, but it is soooooo worth the effort. We all pitch in, and doing it together is always fun.

I also put up corn on the cob, which the kids enjoy... but there is nothing like creamed corn from the field.

On a cold day in the middle of December, it reminds me of summer...

Pure heaven.


tootie said...

Nothing beats fresh corn! My grandparents used to grow some, and I loved it.

You have to post the pictures of the sunflowers when they are in bloom!

Reynie said...

I'm having corn for dinner tonight. Yummers!