Friday, June 20, 2008

My Little Garden

When I was a little girl we always had a garden during the summertime. I can remember sitting on Diddy's lap as he drove the tractor through the rows of our backyard garden, and watching daily as the tomatoes, squash, okra and other veggies would grow.

My Grandmother Banks had a huge garden, and she tended to it like it was her baby. One of my fondest memories of her is out in the garden, straw hat on her head and a sleeveless summer dress. I was standing by her pink crepe myrtle tree, and I watched her as she went up and down every single row. I was supposed to be helping I am sure, but somehow I had taken a rest there in the shade, just watching my Grandmomma.

She would love these pictures, and boy, would she love these babies.

The garden in my parents backyard has long ago been covered in grass, and a new family one was planted up the road at my Aunt and Uncle's house years ago. I admit I rarely help much up there, but have been enjoying the veggies from that garden for years as well. (Thanks Diddy!)

My Grandmother passed away the summer Geoff and I got married, but in her later years she was unable to take care of a garden. She still enjoyed a good tomato, cut in half and doused in salt and pepper up until she went to heaven to be with Jesus. Oh, and she could make the best veggie soup ever... I do mean ever! I am sure she is up there helping God with his summer garden right now.

Reynie, BB's wife, began a garden a couple of years ago back at their house, and I have tried many of the veggies (and some peppers) that they grow. Grandmomma would be proud! And they can cook, those two...

So, I have dallied many years about planting a small one in our backyard, and when this spring rolled around I decided I really wanted to try my hand at it again. Somehow I forgot that it takes time to tend to it, and with two kids under 5 that becomes more difficult, so you will see more weeds in my version of gardening than most. But, we have 4 tomato plants, some sunflowers (yes, I know... why, when we have fields planted around us? Well, I wanted some in my backyard silly!), 3 cucumber plants and a squash plant. We had more in the ground, but when the new sprouts were first coming up, something ate them all up! Varmits!

It warmed my heart yesterday when the kids ran inside to tell me that we had a red tomato! They were so excited, it was beautiful to see... the excitement on their faces was so sweet. I love that they are experiencing so many of the same things that Geoff and I did as children, and it makes me smile to know that Grandmother is up in heaven, smiling down on my babies as they get excited about a red tomato. Soon we will cut it up to eat, and douse it in salt and pepper, just for her.


tootie said...

That's such a wonderful thing that you can pass those memories to your kids.

And that tomato looks de-lish!

Reynie said...

The garden looks great. I saw Geoff out there yesterday getting the new spot ready to go. That will help with the deer.