Thursday, June 26, 2008

Big Boy Underwear

This is my Momma with the kids at her house... the kids were playing in the sandbox over there today. Cub is showing me (and the camera, so I will take a picture!) his big boy underwear, and is very proud of them... can't you see?! I have been trying to potty train Cub for awhile now... not seriously, but I am trying to get him interested.

Now, I am serious! He has gone naked a lot this summer while we are outside, and that has payed off. And, don't worry, we live so far away from "civilization" that no one sees him but me, EJ, Momma and whatever animal is in the yard. He's now much more aware of his bodily functions, and is adamantly wanting to wear big boy underwear... so, off came the pull ups, and on went the Spider Man underwear.

Anyone know where I can get Buzz Lightyear ones? He has told me a thousand times that is what he wants...

Anyway - I'll see how this goes for now. I am sure I'll have a few good stories from this experience to write about!

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