Monday, June 16, 2008

Puppies, Puppies, Everywhere...

We are a week and a few days into this new world of kids and puppies, and we are learning a lot. I can only hope the puppies are too!

1.) They are just adorable... okay, I learned that from just holding them at Aunt Peggy's house, but I had to say it just one more time.

2.) Puppies are a lot of work. I knew this from the start, but I am now feeling it! Potty training is the hardest part, and the next is keeping peace when the chaos of puppies and kids playing/biting/holding ensues!

3.) I have always been a "cat person"... sure, we have had many dogs in my lifetime, but I have always had a cat, or two, or three. Okay, or four, five and six... I think I am now a cat/dog person! These puppies are just too adorable...

Oh, have I said that already?!

Now, here is their latest picture - they are 7 weeks old... Jesse is first, and then Buzz. You can tell them apart by their ears right now, if by no other way... Buzz has one ear up, and one down. Both dogs will have ears standing up eventually, and Buzz's began standing up late last week. Too cute!

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