Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love Ya, Tomorrow!

Cocoa Beach or bust!
Hmmmm... where did this particular saying come from?
Anyhow, it works... and I can not wait to get it all done today, and head out for our vacation early tomorrow morning!
So much to do!

But, by tomorrow morning it will done, or just delayed/forgotten, and then the family heads out for a nice rest (?) at the beach.
(I only question myself because we will also include a trip to Disney while there, and though it is always exciting and fun, is it truly relaxing?)

Doesn't matter, as we all enjoy the kids pure joy and excitement while in the Magic Kingdom, and the rest of the vacation will be more relaxing... Diddy got a big 'ol tent for us to park ourselves under/around while on the beach, and then the kids can play, I can tan (yes, I know I am a redhead, but thank goodness I can tan!), Geoff can make those huge sand castles and Momma and Diddy can join in. Uncle BB and Aunt Reynie will join us next week for more of the same, as will Reynie's parents and our Aunt and Uncle. It's going to be a lot of fun - and all of us are really looking forward to this!
I will obviously be away from this Mac for awhile (whoo hoo!), so I will catch up with yall when we get home -Have a great week, and Memorial Day weekend coming up!
(Oh yes, we are gonna be gone that long!)

PS - When we get back Reynie is gonna help me spruce up the look of this blog! I am clueless, but she does an awesome job, so hopefully it will look much different sometime soon!


Playful Professional said...

I'm glad you can tan... I found I'm pretty good at burning. My skin has been peeling off for the last week :( It's pretty bad.

Reynie said...


R. Kristina said...

Great blog. Found you via Whittaker Woman.

Keep up the great writing.

-R. Kristina