Friday, May 30, 2008

They Moved the Island?!

I watched 3 hours of my most favorite show last night... LOST!

The first hour I saw two weeks ago, but it was the night before we left to go to the beach, and I have been sunburned since then. It was the season finale, and I was on the edge of my seat the whole night...

If you don't watch LOST this will all sound crazy... but what an awesome crazy! If you haven't seen it yet, don't read any further - my rambling will probably not make any sense, but I don't want to spoil the show for anyone!

I am wondering if Charlotte is Annie, Ben's friend from childhood? And, as my husband will tell you, I was in near tears when Penny and Desmond were finally reunited on her boat (!) - I have watched that scene two or three times now... Sawyer jumping from the helicopter and swimming up on the beach to find Juliette drunk on Dharma liquor, and the freighter gone up in smoke was awesome/somehow so sad (that is why I love this show - it's all so unexpected!), and I could go on and on and on... the "frozen donkey wheel" Ben had to turn to move the island in any other show would have totally lost me, but in this case I believed it all. Yep - love the show... hook, line and sinker.

And, I used to think it was Michael in that coffin, but knowing it is Locke (Jeremy Bentham?) throws more kinks in the mix. Not that I ever knew what it would mean if it had been Michael... Jin dying so dramatically was horrible, and I really felt for Sun. I love Jack, but I think she is now gonna blame him for that somehow. He even said something to that effect in the end conversation with good 'ol Ben.

I will now be waiting a very long while for LOST to return (next winter!)... yall should all get Seasons 1-4 and catch up if you don't watch... see the crazy your missing?!


cynthia said...

man...i totally forgot about annie!

found you at rocks in my dryer, i'm in Ga too, just south of Atlanta!

Angela said...

Hi Cynthia! I must not be too far from you as we are south of Atl as well..

Abbreviated said...

Visited Stone Mountain once !

Rose was cracking me up with her peanut police act with Miles.

Cheryl said...

Hi Angela,
Found you from Rocks!
I was absolutley stunned when the boat blew up and Sun witnessed the whole thing! My hubbie had to remind me that it IS a tv show.
I to am a Ga. girl. We're south of Augusta in a small town.

Jen said...

Yes, the crazy frozen donkey wheel is only an acceptable occurence on this show. Why is that?

I loved, loved, LOVED when Sawyer jumped off that helicopter to save the others and of course that kiss. Oh my goodness was that HOT!

Can't wait until next season!

Cassie said...

You're right, it will definitely be a LONG wait until next season!!

Stella and Thomas said...

Haha! I often think about someone who reads my post about LOST who has never watched the would sound crazy!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can not wait to read more about the tractor pull:-)


Mamacita said...

I was thinking that Charlotte might be Annie as well - but you are the only other person I've seen that wondered! :)