Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just a Little Crazy

Yeah - that's me... just a little, but boy do we have fun!
I didn't do much in the way of unpacking yesterday... I was plum tuckered out, and besides, it was Memorial Day! We ventured down to BB and Reynie's last night for a bit, but otherwise most of the day was spent in the yard on on the couch, asleep.
So, today was my real unpacking day.
Well, that was until my friend CJ called with a proposal we just couldn't turn down! She is a freelance writer with an Atlanta children's magazine and they wanted her to write a story on the new Thomas the Train kids area at Six Flags... she had 6 tickets and asked if we wanted to come along?
Oh yeah - today CJ, her two boys, EJ, Cub and I packed up and went to Six Flags for the day. I only thought I was tuckered out yesterday!
For the record, Thomas the Train was fun... the kids loved it. Her boys are 4 and 2, the same as our kids, and so they are the best of friends too. It was a long and tiring day though... we are still exhausted from our vacation and they just came back from a long weekend as well, so there was a bit more whining and crying than usual. Still, through the meltdowns (the kids, not ours, though I think we both could have joined them once or twice!) it was a nice day, and we certainly appreciated the invitation and spending time with our friends.
Needless to say the bags are still sitting... I have dug into them for clean clothes, but tomorrow is it... the clothes and bags must be put away or my sanity will be in question.
And then some awesome pictures and funny tales from our beach trip... I can't wait to show yall the sand castle Geoff and BB made!

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