Saturday, May 31, 2008

And All the Men Begin to Gather...

This may not look like much to most... but it is the beginning of a major event in this small town. Here we are looking through some of the corn and sunflower fields...

My husband left this morning on our lawn mower, headed up the field to meet my Daddy. My brother drove by shortly on one of his tractors, going in the same direction. I was standing on our front porch to take this fascinating shot of all the men gathering at the tractor pull site.

Yes, I said tractor pull. It is held in August, right here in the old pea patch.

I do not kid you in the least!

It may sound a bit hokey the way I spun it above (sorry Daddy, I couldn't resist a little fun) , but the tractor pull is actually a very big event for this town, and we look forward to it every year. This will be the 14th annual Antique Tractor Parade, Show and Tractor Pull. My family, as well as many others in our community, work very hard to make it an enjoyable family event for everyone. In the past, our town has grown by thousands on that day!

And on this day, they begin the preparations.

There will be a parade of tractors to start off the day (much more on this later), and then the children have a chance to race peddle tractors on the pull sight. During all the actual tractor pulls (by weight), there is a Powder Puff race for the ladies, a slow race and more. My Uncle Milton puts on a show with his dancing Bob Cat routine (a must see, honestly) and there is plenty of good food. The T-shirt has become a popular item to have over the years, and so much more fun I just can't write it all down.

I'll be sure to keep you up on the latest, as it gets closer we women become more involved in these preparations as well. I'll be taking pictures to show along the way too...

And though I do jest sometimes, it really is a fun day, and the kids absolutely love everything about it. So do the adults, or it would have gone by the wayside years ago.

Oh yes, one more thing... just for the record, though we may have a Farmall or two in our barn, John Deere is king of this hill!

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Reynie said...

Oh the hot days of tractor pullin' are ahead of us now!