Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Sand Castle

Geoff is a great sport... he admittedly would rather vacation in the mountains than at the beach, but has found many reasons to love Cocoa Beach and look forward to our annual vacation every year.

The kids joy at being there is one, of course. The close proximity to NASA is a biggie too, and last year we went to Titusville for awesome seats to watch a space shuttle blast off into outer space... even for a non space fanatic like me it was very, very cool!

There are more , but another that comes to mind involves a "real" shovel and lots of sand... he has turned his "boredom" of being on the beach into fun...

Here is where we staked our tent for the week... you can see Geoff just beginning to dig the hole for a mound of sand to work with.

The pic above is where he left it for the day... he had made it look more like a sand castle earlier, but Cub had a lot of fun tearing it down (!), so this was the beginning for the next day... I had to get my two cents in with the Cocoa Beach shout out.

A few days have gone by this next picture, and my brother BB is now on the beach with us, ready to help build a sand castle. During the week we had lots of family with us, and on Wednesday BB, Reynie and her parents came down. My parents were with us the whole time, and my Aunt and Uncle came the first part of the week. Momma and Diddy have two condos that we stay in, and it is like home we have been for so many years now.

BB and Geoff have been like brothers for a very long time now... they have many adventures under their belt, and I used to kid Geoff in high school of dating me to spend time with my brother. Even when we broke up during all those crazy years, Geoff and Billy were best friends, and my parents second son.

This was gonna be fun to watch....

The rest of us layed out in the sun, read magazines, played in the water with the kids, went for walks on the beach and looked for sea shells... during it all the kids went in for short naps and played at the pool too.

Many folks came by while they were building this, and many came by after as well... it was a great way to meet people... They did a great job, had lots of fun, and drank lots of beer (!). Okay, and water... Another great day on the beach!