Friday, May 9, 2008

Got Lots to Show and Tell, but No Time to Tell It!

Let me see, there is EJ's Pre-K graduation day and party, her pre 5th birthday party with her best friend at school (they both have July birthdays, so it was an early one so they could celebrate with their school friends...), and a few other things from our super busy week...

Geoff and I went to the Doc today about his knee - it is fractured instead of the torn ACL or meniscus, so that is good - no surgery. But, it still hurts him to walk, so he will have to give it time to heal.

So much to talk about, but I have no time to linger as I am cleaning house. On Sunday we are hosting the Mother's Day gathering in our rock garden, and my house/yard is a mess... as of now the total guest list includes almost 40 folks! It will be so much fun, and I am looking forward to it..

Once everything is clean that is!

Happy Mother's Day yall!

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