Tuesday, May 6, 2008

GeGe, A True Southern Lady

Fannie Rozar 12/16/1916 - 05/06/2007

One year ago today GeGe went to be with our Father in heaven, and though we miss her very much, we know she is in a wonderful place. In that we have peace, and know that we will one day see her again.

She was fun and feisty, with a strong will and lots of energy. She loved the Lord, and was a true southern lady. Later in her 80's, her knees just wouldn't let her use that beautiful energy to do what she wanted to anymore, and then a series of strokes kept her bedridden until she passed last May.

She used to talk about the dances they would go to when she was young, so I am certain she is in heaven organizing lots of dances for the other angels, and Granddaddy. Or, she was once a beloved lunch room lady at the elementary school in the small middle Georgia town my Momma grew up in, so she is probably fixin' the angels fried chicken and biscuits. Maybe some fried peach pies for dessert as well.

The December before she died she turned 90 years old, and the family had a huge party for her at my parents house, where she had lived since her knees gave out. There were 90 roses in her honor, and lots of great stories being told.

And, lots of love for GeGe. Lots and lots of that...

I miss you Grandmomma!


whittakerwoman said...

I just wanted to say hi and thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I look forward to reading more here. H

Reynie said...

I'm glad I got to know her before she passed on. I always loved her stories about all the cats they had. And the one that stayed in the car when she totted the others off--she kept that one cat. She was a great lady.