Friday, May 2, 2008

Playing Softball

First of all, I am pretty much finished with the switching of the seasonal clothes, thank goodness! The kids went with Nana last night to see Aunt Betty Jo, and help feed her horses... while they were gone I got most of their clothes swap completed. Now all I have left is mine, and that is not as daunting a task.

Geoff had another softball game last night with our church team... it was a late one, so we didn't plan on going. As I was watching LOST (wasn't it awesome?! I am so glad Kate is with Jack, even though I love Sawyer too...and, I know it ain't over yet!) I looked out to see him hobbling from his car - he had hurt his knee while running from first base to second, and it looked bad. He could barely walk, and I am surprised he was able to drive home as he has a stick shift.

This morning we took him to Urgent Care, and after x-rays the Doc started tugging on his lower leg and knee area. I thought Geoff was going to scream out in pain, and I could tell he wanted to, but he held it together. The swelling was bad, and he had a lot of blood built up around the joints. The Doc went and got a big 'ol needle and a few syringes, plus a nurse ... as I held Geoff's hand, he took out nearly 3 large vials of blood. Have I mentioned I am not so great with the sight of blood? A little bit isn't that bad, but large amounts of it make me a bit woozy. The Doc had to ask if I was okay, which is silly as I was trying to comfort my husband. I am sure the color had left my face...

So, Doc then says he feels it is a torn ACL, and may need surgery. He has an appointment on Monday for more tests with a specialist.

Geoff is really bummed as he knows he can't finish out the season playing softball... but we will be there to support the team as they make their way to the championship!

That is unless they keep having those late night games when the kids should be in bed, and LOST is on!


Reynie said...

...thump... that's me passed out due the mention of the word blood!

Stefanie said...

Great work.