Friday, February 1, 2008

LOST, Potty Training and Miss Hollywood

The season premier of LOST came on last night, and I loved every minute of it... I think Geoff thinks I have "lost" it myself, but I was sitting on the couch trying to take in every. single. thing. I want to know why Jack's Daddy was in Jacob's rocking chair? Is HE Jacob? Somehow I really don't think so... and who was that really creepy guy who came to visit Hurley in the mental institution? When Hurley got suspicious of him, the guy asked him if "they" were alive... I guess the remaining folks from Oceanic 815, but where are they? And what is it that the Oceanic 6 not telling? I have lots of questions, but am looking forward to finding out the answers! I can't wait until next Thursday!

This morning the kids were in the playroom when EJ pranced into our room to ask if she "looked like California?"

Now, where did she hear that?!
(the scratch on her forehead is courtesy of her brother... not on purpose, but it came with lots of tears and drama...)

She is our little Miss Hollywood... most every day you will find EJ dressing up in her princess clothes and shoes, to dance about - talking about her Prince and the fairytale castle. She has a huge imagination and makes up great stories to go along with whatever princess she is portraying at that moment. I love every minute of her dramatic stories. Okay, maybe not every single minute, but she comes up with some of the most interesting things! One exception is when she tries to get Cub to be the prince... then the struggle ensues and the fussing begins. He isn't into being anything but Buzz Lightyear right now!

I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but Cub is holding up a Buzz sticker. He got this yesterday when he went in the potty instead of his diaper! For Christmas, one of the things Nana (Geoff's Momma) got him was a potty training box full of Buzz Lightyear pull ups, stickers and incentives to learn how to use the big boy potty. He has been interested since a little after his second birthday, but it hasn't been a regular thing... I am hoping to begin making it a regular thing, so by his third birthday he will be diaper free. These Buzz stickers are great because if you have been reading, this boy loves his Buzz!

EJ practically potty trained herself. We got her a potty at 2, but didn't begin in earnest until she was 2 1/2 using it. Cub was born two weeks after her second birthday, so I was a little overwhelmed initially. I think having two little ones in diapers was enough of an incentive (!!!), so after Christmas I began getting her to the potty. It didn't take long at all and she was done with "baby diapers" and wanted "big girl panties". I hear it takes boys a little longer to give up the diaper, but I am ready for this transition!

The paci will be next... and that will be the hardest milestone yet.


Reynie said...

I don't know if I told you but yesterday at church EJ told me she was going to have a baby and name it "Elizabeth Cub." Too funny!

Good luck with taking the pas from the boy.

Stephanie said...

I have so many questions myself about LOST. What causes Jack to go off the deep end, he really looked like he had it all together in the beginning?
Good luck with the potty training. I think I might start introducing it, just to see how it goes. He picks up really quick. Of course, probably not on this, just because it is something I want him to do.