Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Our Adventure to the City

It doesn't happen much.

On Monday the kids and I went to Atlanta with a friend of mine, and her two boys. Her children are very close in age to EJ and Cub, and they have become very good friends.

I used to go into Atlanta a lot... and yes, I do mean before we had children. It was much easier to do back then - all I had to worry about was myself, and I could go shopping for hours, or meet a friend or two for drinks in Buckhead, when there were bars there. (I hear that is all a thing of the past now - see, I haven't been there in awhile!)

On Monday, though, we took the kids to the Atlanta Children's Museum. It is downtown, near the Georgia Aquarium and World of Coke. CJ, my friend, is a freelance writer for an Atlanta children's magazine, and was doing a story on an exhibit at the museum... we came along for the fun!

Driving there was a bit nerve wracking as I am just not familiar with the streets in downtown, but we made it. CJ, who is not from here and is less familiar with Atlanta than I am, actually led in her car. If you know me you aren't surprised. I am not good with direction, and not afraid to say it. I am really bad, and prefer to let someone else find the place... at least we will get there!

We really had a great time. The kids loved it - so much to do and play with they were running around with big goofy grins on their faces the whole time. Cub really enjoyed painting, and was kicking and screaming when I tore him away from the paints to go to another activity. EJ was thrilled with the moon sand and made lots of cakes and pies for me. She also had a great time pushing around a tiny shopping cart full of play food - "just like you do Mommy!"

I think she had more fun shopping for "groceries" than I do...

All of that was exciting, but the best part of the day was getting to go to The Varsity to eat, and seeing Daddy! EJ and Cub were thrilled to know that Geoff was going to come meet them and their friends for lunch, and ran up to him when they saw him in the parking lot... of course, I was glad to see him too, for many reasons... but as he had been on the phone with me since leaving the Museum, coaching me on how to get the few blocks over to The Varsity, I was glad to see him in person too!

After a lot of grease with my onion rings (ugh!) and a Frosted Orange (yum!), I was really ready to get home. It had been a long morning. But before we left, Geoff went and got all of the kids a chocolate ice cream, and that was the perfect topping to a great day for them. Chocolate always is, right?

I think we will have to venture back up there again soon.... Atlanta really has a lot of great kid friendly options, and it is "only" an hour away. As long as someone else is driving, or knows the way, I am ready to go!


Reynie said...

Sounds like a fun adventure. as a kid, i loved when my parents took us into the city to do fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

The pics are soo cute!