Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Little Things

I was working on my article today for the March issue of the local magazine I write for, when I heard my son talking in his bed. Our computer is in our bedroom, and I had his monitor on...

He was talking to his toys, Woody and Buzz Lightyear, and telling them that he loved his "Sissy" (EJ), his Mommy and his Daddy. Then he would make the toys talk back to him, and they said they loved us too!

He is using a lot of new vocabulary now, but many times I am the only one who can understand him so far... really, EJ is even better than I am at knowing his language, and when I can't figure it out I will ask her to translate for me!

EJ is becoming much more inquisitive about everything. I am now getting a lot more of the "Why?" and "How?" questions, and she soaks up the answers like a sponge. On the way to school the other morning she began counting, and she went all the way to 100 without much help at all!

These are the little things in life I want to remember... with my best friend and cousin having babies last week, suddenly I realized how quickly children grow up ( it seems like yesterday sometimes that mine were so little...), and I want to take in these precious toddler and pre school days while they last.

Like the pink boots that she insists on wearing even when they don't match at all, or the little smirk he gets when he knows he is going to get in trouble. I love it when I go into the play room and they are sitting in the same chair, all hugged up together, and when they play dress up. She is always the princess, and Cub is always Buzz - but the scenario is usually a little different each time. I love their expansive imagination, and how they make up the best stories when trying to get out of trouble, or get each other in trouble!

So, for now I am the one trying to soak it all in and live in the moments, though some of them are more trying than others!

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Reynie said...

Little Cub is such a sweetie!