Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Living in Oz

Oh. my. gosh. yall!!!

Rick Springfield was on Oprah yesterday!!!!

I watched him on General Hospital as Dr. Noah Drake when I was in the fourth or fifth grade... My Grandma watched this soap opera, and I would stay with her sometimes in the afternoons.

Later, as a younger teen I plastered a million posters of him on my walls and ceiling, and wrote his name all over my school folders... my best friends and I squealed like the teens we were when his songs would come on the radio, or his music videos came on Night Tracks.

Does anyone remember Night Tracks? Since we live in the country, and Momma didn't want a big satellite in her yard, no MTV for me... We had 3 or 4 good television stations to watch (without static!), and were lucky enough that the one from Atlanta had a video show on the weekends, so I could get my Rick fix! We would stay up all night if we had to - waiting on his latest video to come on, and then belt it out and dance all around the living room...

Once my girlfriends and I went to Albany to see him in concert, and I cried real tears as we got closer just thinking I would be in the same stadium as he was....

We've even been to see him in concert since becoming married women and Mommies... and screamed just like we did when we had big hair and braces.

Ahhhh, memories!

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Reynie said...

Too funny. You Rick lovers are devoted to him. I remember him but wasn't that big of a fan. I do remember night tracks though. Loved that one! We didn't have cable either and felt so left out!