Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Conversation with Cub

It goes something like this:

"Hey Cub, let's talk about something... sometime soon we are going to have to leave the paci in your bed." (Well, it's still a crib right now, but soon to be a toddler bed.)

"No way Mommy!!!!!" he says, with the assuredness of a confident two year old.

"Yes way, Cubby... soon you can have it at night and naptime, but we need to begin going through the day without it." I explain, trying to be gentle and caring of his feelings, which can be hurt very easy.

Grabbing my face in his little hands he looks me straight in the eye and says " No Mommy. I need paci. No,no,no go without it. No be mean to me!"

Now how do I respond to that?!

For the time being I just hugged him, and then repeated that he was going to have to begin giving it up sometime soon. He was okay with that, as it didn't seem as if I were taking it from his mouth right now...

It's going to be a struggle, but he is getting too old for it I know. I think we need some prayers for this one...

For the both of us!

1 comment:

Reynie said...

BIG step for the Cubster! Oh my! Maybe it will be an out of sight, out of mind thing. After you get through the initial fight of leaving it in the bed, he'll forget about it. Maybe...