Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Daddy's Chair

This is what Geoff and the kids were doing on Sunday afternoon... Daddy was Buzz and Cub was Woody. They had a whole conversation as the characters... it was really cute!

I know, I was surprised too ... usually the only person who can be Buzz in this household is Cub, but he was just having a cowboy moment I suppose. Here is the "Green Buzz" as Cub calls him... we also have a "Big Buzz", a "Little Buzz", etc., etc. - to infinity and beyond!

Disney is making a fortune just from this little boy.

EJ is in the picture too, but she is hidden behind the toys... she was right in there with the boys, loving every minute of being in Daddy's chair. I need to find her a Jessie doll, or a Bullseye. And if you just understood what I said, then you must have a Toy Story fan at your house too!

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