Thursday, April 17, 2008


Somewhere along the way I have lost my creativity... the title of this post is all I could come up with today...

Yesterday, we went to town and got the annual forest of fern to place on our wrap around porch. When this house was built, I always had a picture in my head of springtime and beautiful hanging fern all the way around the house. It just makes our home more inviting, and it's the southern thing to do. So, every year we go and get these fern... what I never thought of in those early days was the watering it takes to keep fern alive in the middle of a hot Georgia summer.

Lots and lots... and since we don't seem to have lots of water here in Georgia these days, nor do I enjoy watering all those fern everyday, I was in a pickle.

So, last spring Geoff fixed it all for me! He went to Home Depot and got the stuff to have the watering done for me... by itself! Yep, he has it rigged up to where the water is on a timer (you know, for all those rules about when you can and can't water...) and a tubing system that drips into the plants. Somehow, at the correct time/s, the fern get watered and I do not get wet in the process! The plants look great, they were huge last summer, and they even get their daily dose when we are on vacation...

Notice the pretty pink petunias? Elizabeth had to have pink flowers when we were there, so I opted for two of these to hang at our back steps this year... I hope to replant them in a green container this afternoon.

Along with the title of "yesterday", here is Cub at his Laptime Program. The theme was "Ducks", and this is the art he made while there. He loves going to the library for this learning hour, and calls it his "school".

This is Elizabeth last night during Awana at our church. They were at "recess" and she had a great time playing on the newly refurbished playground - can't you tell by that grin?!

Yesterday was a good day!

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Reynie said...

Love the ferns. I need a watering system like that by bb thinks it will mess up the wood on the house. lucky thing you don't have to water every day.