Friday, April 18, 2008

The Dragon Under our Porch

The kids came in a little while ago all excited... so excited, in fact, that I couldn't understand a word of what they were trying to tell me.

Something about a dragon under the porch?

Now, we have a lot of animals that find their way to our home, but I have yet to see a dragon...

Lucky for these two, Uncle BB came by to wash his truck off before heading to a bachelor party/ weekend of fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. He agreed to go under the porch and check for any dragons that might have decided to take up residence there.

I'd gone as far as I dared after they tried to get me to take a look... the innocence of children is a beautiful thing, but my mind was imagining all the snakes that could be neighbors to that dragon. I used to have an ivy bed in the front of the house, but it had really taken off a few years ago and Geoff began cutting it way back. We still need to go under the porch and cut it out before it takes over the front part of the house... but it is probably a nice shady, cool place for snakes?! In view of this, I'd told them that under the porch was a new "off limits" area, even the back part that has no ivy. All the while I was flashing back to my childhood, filled with playing in all the old barns and under our house... a place my parents probably didn't want us to be either. Right here, on this same piece of land. Still, country kids and all... off limits!

So, back to BB going under the porch to check things out... he did find an animal under there, but it had already seen it's last meal days ago. I think it was a raccoon, or possibly a stray cat, but the kids now think either the dragon got this animal, or this animal is the Big Bad Wolf. The teeth were rather menacing....

I'm gonna love trying to explain this one tonight before bedtime! Everyone knows that is when the boogie men come out.


Reynie said...

BB to the rescue!

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