Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I know I have said it before, many times... but we live in a rural area. This means that our internet is either powered by a dial up connection, or by satellite.

Neither is as good as what most of you have... a cable connection.
(Please forgive me if I am not using the correct technical terms - I am so not a technical person!)

A few years ago, my graphic designer, Mac computer expert husband got really fed up with our dial up connection (!)... we bought the latest and greatest satellite for our house. It is supposed to run both our TV and our computer, but somehow we still have two satellites on our roof. At least they aren't those huge ones that sit in the yard like the old ones from the 80's.

Anyhow, the speed of our computer was greatly increased, but I understand it is still slow in comparison to what most everyone else is used to. Geoff can tell a huge difference from his office in Atlanta and our home, so I know it is frustrating for him. And, when the wind blows too hard, or it is storming, we have no television or computer access... seriously!

My Daddy is a CPA who also works in Atlanta... and, yes, it is quite a drive for them both to get to work, but necessary. My parents only have dial up at their house, and because of this are seldom on a computer. Daddy does need to use the computer for tax returns/work he does from the house, so he too gets very frustrated with the slow connection.

Momma has been calling the cable companies to find out just what it would take to get cable to come to our homes. She has been put on hold, transfered, and almost laughed at for asking, but found out today that the grand total to get cable run to their house would be $12, 244.00! That is just the figure to get it to their house, it would cost more to run it on to our home, and then BB and Reynie's house.

I guess we will just stick with the satellite for now!

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Reynie said...

My brother in law works for AT&T. I wonder if we did the digging for the wires if he would lay it for us? I mean, we are not that far away from life! I think they made that number up! There just has to be something better than that!